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Dr Kerry Chant, NSW, Australia: Inappropriate Tests, Wrongly Classified Deaths And Lies Galore Mean Lots More Unnecessary And Dangerous Jabs For You. Get Used To It!

Dr Kerry Chant, health minister for New South Wales in Australia, outlines her dictates for the future: get used to covid booster jabs. For a 'disease' which relies on inappropriate tests, wrongly classified deaths, and outrageous lies to be any threat at all. To combat it, you must have improperly trialled jab after improperly trialled jab.  And all totally unnecessary - and unproven. Dr Chant is hard-faced and has a dictatorial attitude. Like Anthony Fauci she looks like the sort of person you might have problems trusting in everyday life. Fauci goes for the mild and, at times, faintly sneering approach. But, at the end of the day, Dr Kerry Chant is, like Fauci, a liar and, like Fauci, evil.

17 Year Old Schoolgirl Gets Jabbed, Gets Blood Clot, And It's Blamed On Covid - Via Inappropriate PCR Test...

My heading says it all. The 'girl' (we used to call 17 year olds young men and young women when I was younger) is from the 'UK When It Suits' devolved area (steeped in the White Celtic Myth) known as Wales. Actually, I'm being hard on Wales. There is a very nasty minority there who adhere to that myth and radiate anti-English hatred, but most I've met are lovely people.  Still, the adherents are amazingly prominent and positively rabid, spewing out bile. Anyway, I'll shut up. Listen to Hugo Talks Lockdown .

Eric Clapton's Great New Song - This Has Gotta Stop - NO Tyranny NO Vax Anthem - And The Tale Of Sajid Javid...

  Great song - with great visuals - from the legendary Eric Clapton.  I was just thinking about 'our' health minister in the so-called UK - Sajid 'Uncle Fester' Javid. Midazolam Matt Hancock - the rabid chipmunk - has gone, having murdered thousands and served his bosses at the WEF incredibly well, and then we get Sajid.  And Sajid's first 'job' as health minister? To 'get' 'covid', of course - to convince the gullible of its reality.  No stranger to Davos himself, Sajid Rabid Jabbid is the new 'boss' - same as the old 'boss'.  Great to see Eric, himself adversely affected by the untrialled and unnecessary jabs, speaking out.

Australian Police Meet A Well-Informed Man...

    Honestly, the police are sickening. Wherever they may be. Vessels of the state. Servants of the NWO. These men and women standing there in their official uniforms as public servants with their masks on...  I mean, HONESTLY!  And then ATTACKING the people they are salaried by! Watch a few tyrants of the law getting educated in Aus.

Natasha Devon, LBC, Cuts Off The Truth... Another Truth Bomb...

LBC is weird as its slogan is 'Leading Britain's Conversation'.  Britain?  Er, we have a pig's ear called asymmetric national devolution, not a unitary British state, and why the hell should London, a city region of England, be leading any conversations under the pretence that we don't, and that its remit stretches across the entire island and into Northern Ireland?  Does not compute. Anyway, back to Hugo Talks Lockdown , and LBC presenter Natasha Devon reveals her appalling ignorance regarding the Yellow Card Adverse Reactions scheme for jabs, and then, predictably, cuts off her caller when he talks about vaccine deaths. Is she a moron or is she a liar? Listen to Hugo's analysis.

Spontaneous Fun - Ordinary Human Interaction - All Gone...

Lovely scene from Dublin, Ireland, 2013. A taxi driver and a woman have a fun dance to the music sounding from the driver's CD deck. Lovely, eh? Ireland's very own Kids From Fame ,   guaranteed to make you smile (if you are human to any large degree). And now. The PCR pandemic and the Great Reset agenda have killed all that stone dead. Let's fight for its return, eh? The alternative doesn't bear thinking about. Stuff your Great Reset and your Fourth Industrial Revolution, Mr Schwab.

James Corbett: Meet The World Economic Forum. Vital Viewing...

    The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you'd be forgiven for thinking so. Today on The Corbett Report podcast, join James for a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF's past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about . . . and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda.  Our say on James and this video:  This man researches meticulously. He does not sensationalise, he does not offer false hope.  This video tells us all about the World Economic Forum and its leader, Klaus Schwab. Herr Schwab has spent decades cultivating and beguiling 'our' politicians and he now believes that his vision for the future is the only one, it must be implemented, and 'our' politicians are no more than devoted lapdogs to this end. The Fourth Industrial Revolution? Our fusion as human beings with technology? Who says that must happen? Not us. We


    A glimpse of a near future scenario which is becoming more likely every day, as people refuse to distrust 'their' leaders, delight in furloughing and are bombarded by mainstream media lies.  From Zachary Denman:  Societal shut down happened as people consented to the continuous pandemics, which economically was only leading us to the Great Reset…

Female American Soldier Speaks Out - Martial Law: 'If You Do Not Get In Your House When I Point That Gun At You, You Become The Enemy...'

All those things we pay for out of our taxes... the police and the military included... there to protect and serve...  Or so you thought. Listen to this young American soldier. She has plenty to say which will put you in the picture. Do as they say - or get shot.

Jabs: Another Truth Bomb At The BBC - Vanessa Feltz Cuts It off...

  The BBC cuts off people dropping truth bombs. Anything that goes against the illogical, full-of-holes official narrative will be prematurely ended. It's still worth doing though - some listeners/viewers will hear points raised before Vanessa Feltz or whoever cuts the connection - so carry on - and the same goes for the lucky BBC-less countries. Phone your broadcasters to get on air live, hide what you really want to say when you go through the selection process, then, when on air, say as much as you can, backed up by your sources.  Here, Vanessa talks nonsense and plays an insipid 1990s song ( Breakfast At Tiffany's ) in response to an informed caller/licence payer who questions why there are more deaths WITH the jabs than there were last year?

Justin Trudeau of Canada - Oops, Sorry, World Economic Forum - Loyal Servant of Klaus Schwab...

Justin Trudeau of Canada is, of course, one of Klaus Schwab's favourite globalists and utterly committed to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Herr Schwab's brainchild, being forced in under cover of a PCR pandemic and climate change nonsense. We've all been force-fed the climate change narrative since at least the 1970s. We bought a map of England and Wales in 1989 showing the projected future of those two neighbouring 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) countries in 2019 - and much of them was underwater. Didn't happen. And we still have the same nonsense trotted out. And with the same urgency. Justin, of course, is Mr PC to the first degree, chucking his own sex under the bus to appease the unappeasable and backing every Davos initiative approved by Schwab and his incredibly rich pals out there. 'Our' politicians are lost to us - they have been taken over by the Davos elite over a period of decades. They are all corrupt, greedy, uncaring. Don't t

Another UK NHS Doctor Speaks Out... Dr Anne McCloskey... Suspended. Listen to her. She Would Love To Be Wrong.

  Dr Anne McCloskey from Northern Ireland has been suspended from practicing medicine as a result of this video. The NHS ⁣doctor gives an impassioned plea after working all night in the hospital, where almost everyone she treated was double jabbed for covid. Young people in their 20s are developing disabilities she has never seen before.  ⁣ Anne would 'love to be wrong' about all this, but she's studied the facts and she has a conscience. Seems like a rare thing amongst doctors in England, Wales, Sotland and Northern Ireland these days, doesn't it? And in a host of other places. The lure of clocking up dosh for every jab, and the complacent smugness which seems to have been growing so rapidly since the 1990s, are powerful agents, it seems. We don't question. We don't investigate. We don't demand truth from those in power. Terrifying. Our thanks to Anne.

James Corbett And James Evan Pilato: 'Comirnaty' Jab Approved By The FDA - While Clinical Trials Are Still Ongoing. Desperation To Get Ya Jabbed! And Australia Rising Up...

  This ⁣week on the New World Next Week : the FDA approves Comirnaty; even Nature is reporting how health research funders are suppressing inconvenient results; and Aussie truckies are preparing to block every highway in anti-lockdown strike.

Dr David Martin: What's Going On... Justin Trudeau's Financial Interests And More...

  Dr David Martin of Canada takes the history of the 'vaccines' and 'covid' back to the 1990s, and states the truth about Justin Trudeau's financial interests.  In-depth interview, well worth staying with.  Stay informed.

Police Officer - Open Letter To Colleagues Appealing For An End To Support Of The Covid Tyranny...

  Here we have a 'UK' policeman who wishes to start an ethical association of police and military personnel to stand against the covid tyranny.  Hugo Talks Lockdown reads his open letter. Please spare a few minutes.  And if you are in the police or military that goes double.  Everything is there - from the inappropriate PCR tests to Susan Michie's of SAGE wish for constant masks and social distancing, and the enforced untrialled jabs. If you have a closed mind and just back the official narrative, you work against the future of your loved ones as well as the general public who pay your salary - and are meant to serve.  Please listen.

The Jeremy Vine Jab Shock Discussion...

Crazy! Some TRUTH on English mainstream media? WATCH - AND BE AMAZED!!!

The Nazi State: Australia - Coming To You Soon...

Australia has gone completely. It's no longer recognisable as a free nation. Once again, it's a prison colony. The covid scam has encouraged 'leaders' like Gladys Berejiklian and Dan Andrews to turn full communist. Australians are in no way free. Amazing isn't it? Well, don't feel smug - if you are of that mindset. Because if you're in Italy, England, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany - anywhere - it's what's coming for you. Unless you get up and act.

The Police In England - Mindless Enforcers Of A Murderous Agenda... Plus Tony Blair And Asymmetric National Devolution... UNITE!

Now, when we say the police in England, we don't mean in Wales or Northern Ireland - we don't mean 'UK'. We mean England. Yes, the largest and most ethnically diverse UK country, which suffers from asymmetric national devolution (created by Scots war criminal Tony Blair), lower funding per head under the Barnett Formula (reviled by its late creator, Lord Joel Barnett), and the resurgent West Lothian Question - a breakdown in democracy which gave England foundation hospitals in 2003 - under the say of non-accountable MPs from other countries like Scotland, which do not have them. When we say 'England', we speak out against the racist state of affairs in the pretend 'UK'. All built on the back of the white Celtic myth (disproven by DNA studies and of no account anyway), other historical revisionism and the ensuing elitist treatment of countries like Scotland (free NHS prescriptions for millionaires), which contain tiny minorities of the 'UK' popula

Dr Vernon Coleman: Global Warming/Climate Change - the Fraud behind the Covid Fraud

    In this video, international best-selling author and retired doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, provides solid evidence proving that the myth of global warming/climate change was deliberately devised to murder billions and to promote the Great Reset. For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit From The Years of Fear Blog : On a related note, we bought a map in 1989 called 'The Ark Map', produced by an environmental group. It showed much of England and Wales underwater in thirty years. In 2019. Guess what? Baloney. This is nothing new.

The Moderna Shot - Terrible Side Effects, Hate And Smear Campaigning... One Young Woman Speaks Out...

Fascinating and very sad video from a young woman who became very ill indeed after the Moderna jab. She experienced terrifying symptoms - including waist down paralysis - and a great deal of hate and smear campaigning when she publicised her trauma. Watch the video and you decide. The young woman says: 'We are not rare. We are real.' We know untested jabs should not be administered. We know none of the jabs have completed safety trials. We know there is an agenda to blow the covid thing up out of all proportion to force people into getting jabbed, using the inappropriate PCR test. We know that the 'UK' body SAGE (England mainly) and the American FDA are fully complicit. Watch and consider.

'UK' Parliament Petition To Prevent Discrimination Against The Unjabbed... URGENT - Please Sign... Last Day...

Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination The individual must remain sovereign over their own body, discrimination against those who cannot or will not be vaccinated against COVID is incompatible with a free democracy. The Government must take firm action to prevent 'vaccination passports' and discriminatory 'no jab, no job' policies. If you are a 'UK' citizen, please sign this important petition at the 'UK' Parliament website. The site is still flashing up bizarre COVID warnings (note capital letters - which real mass killers such as cancer do not qualify for, but does give the whole thing an alarmist air) and we all know the facts about PCR tests, Midazolam, face masks, Klaus Schwab, the WHO, the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc - and the complicit nature of 'our' greedy MPs. The link to sign is here - and today is the last day (24/8/21):

Dr Shawn Brooks: The Truth About MRNA 'Vaccines'.

   Another physician speaks out about the probable future for people who have had the 'jab' - to an American school board. He's closed down, of course.  Time is so pressing when you probably don't have that long to live, isn't it? They must get on to narrative-backing comfort fodder.

Australia 2021 Spoof Tourism Ad - Featuring Masks, Fines And Kylie Minogue!

   Is Australia waking up? We've heard rumours. and with the likes of Dan Andrews And Gladys Berejiklian imposing some of the worst and most evil states of 'covid' tyranny anywhere in the world, it really does need to happen.  Beautifully humorous - but also very sharp and pertinent - spoof tourist ad from Aus above. Watch and smile. And wince. And - YAY - it features a special guest appearance from Kylie Minogue, a great Aussie talent we English took to our hearts several decades ago as Charlene from Neighbours . Of course, Dan Andrews believes everybody needs good neighbours. To 'dob' people in for drinking without a mask.

Dr Vernon Coleman: Jab Compensation In Singapore...

Fascinating update from Dr Vernon Coleman. The Singapore government is now giving compensation to those injured by the untested jabs - including a 16-year-old-boy who suffered a heart attack after his jab, and it has changed its recommendations regarding those who should receive the jabs. Dr Coleman also speaks of certain GP surgeries in England and Wales which are refusing to see non-jabbed patients, and tells you what to do about that. Do not wait until you need an appointment.

Reiner Fuellmich And Dr Mike Yeadon: Be Afraid Of Government... The PCR Test, the Midazolam Murders And Much More...

Reiner Fuellmich and Dr Mike Yeadon discuss the PCR test - which is being used to simulate the pandemic, and the 'end of life' drug Midazolam - three years' supply was dispensed in the 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) in the early stages of the 'pandemic', under the watch of Matt Hancock. Just what are all these deaths 'with' covid really about? What about death spikes coinciding with jabs? The roles of Christian Drosten, the WHO, national governments and others are examined in this exceptional interview. Be afraid of your government. Be afraid of the 'opposition' parties - who back the agenda. Be afraid of advisors to your government - like Chris Whitty, England's Chief Medical Advisor, the 'UK' Parliament Chief Scientific Advisor, Patrick Vallance (apparently he's a 'Sir', but not from where we're standing) - and bodies like SAGE. Be afraid of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. Something has go

Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Australian Tony Nikolic... PCR Test Thresholds, Strange Statistics, MSM Complicity, Deaths 'With' Covid... It's The Same The Whole World Over...

Excellent interview from Reiner Fuellmich's German Corona Committee with Australian freedom lawyer Tony Nikolic.  Australia has suffered terribly under the dictatorships of its 'leaders' - we all have - but Australia has been one of the worst places to be. From Dan Andrews in Victoria to Gladys Berejiklian in NSW, the population has been soundly stamped on, with no reason - the cycle thresholds of the already inappropriate PCR tests and the deaths 'with' covid speak for themselves. The same old story.  Tony Nikolic, who is very well informed, updates us on the struggle for human rights and informed consent with hopeful news from Down Under.  Australia seems to be waking up.   But please do not rest on your laurels. We are trapped and in great danger. The majority still slumbers.

The Lowdown On New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern - The Matriarchy In Action...

  Jacinda Ardern is a prime example of the Matriarchy in action. Praised by bizarre fawning male sycophants from the WHO and UN - simply for being a woman - she has made huge changes to life in New Zealand - removing freedoms, left, right and centre - and basking in the covid era.  She has her own 'Ministry of Truth' - only accept what her government says is true. Got questions about the inappropriate RT PCR test? About how covid deaths are recorded? About untested jabs? The website will ignore all that. No, no, don't question - Madam Matriarchy knows all and doesn't NEED to answer your concerns as your freedoms, health and livelihood dwindle away to zilch under a welter of untested medical interventions, unnecessary lockdowns and unnecessary poverty. Put quite simply, she's a power mad dictator who adores the Schwab World Economic Forum and bizarre communist doctrines which make mincemeat of Mr and Ms Everyday. Commentator Ezra Lavant gives his views on New Zealand

About English Doctor Vernon Coleman...

From all over the world comes informed opposition to the frightening WEF/WHO/UN/World Governments' agenda. But it isn't easy for those opposing... From Dr Vernon Coleman's website:  Like all qualified medical doctors who have told the truth about covid-19, Dr Vernon Coleman has been repeatedly lied about and libelled on the internet and in the mainstream media.  In March 2020, after studying the covid death figures and comparing the death statistics in the UK to that of previous years, Dr Coleman said that the threat of covid-19 had been wildly exaggerated and that there was no pandemic. In that first video, he warned that the pandemic fraud (or hoax) would result in the deaths of many old people (which it did), the introduction of mandatory vaccinations (which appears to be happening) and the disappearance of cash (now a serious threat).  As a result of his video, his Wikipedia page was deliberately and dramatically changed by government employees and used to 'monster&

Dr Vernon Coleman: Masks Cause Cancer

  International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains why mask wearers are more likely to develop cancer. Please visit  

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Covid Crimes Against Humanity And The Coming War Crimes Tribunals...

Mike Adams, of Brighteon Conversations, interviews Reiner Fuellmich, top German lawyer, of the German Corona Investigative Committee - which is acting internationally to bring the perpetrators of the covid/jabs/lockdowns horror scenario to justice. Will we ever get to the stage of holding a Nuremberg 2.0 hearing? Listen to the latest from Reiner.

Eamon Holmes And Ruth Langsford - 'Good Morning Britain! Now We're Censoring The Truth! Your Health? Who Gives a bleep?!'

Of course, in our day, Good Morning Britain on ITV in England and Wales was all about a gerbil called Kevin and a woman named Wincey having the 'hairdo of the Year' and a woman named Mad Lizzie 'shaking it out' - but times change. Now, Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford censor vital information about the covid jabs' side effects. Watch them cut off the interviewee - apparently for the weather. Murderous little puppets, aren't they? How times change...

Dr Mike Yeadon: 'It Was Blindingly Obvious, Since April 2020, That We Were Being Lied To...'

'It was blindingly obvious, since April 2020, that we were being lied to...' Dr Mike Yeadon update here. An English scientist and ex-vice president of Pfizer, has lost many friends and gained many enemies for challenging the narrative and speaking the truth. Vital information here on the dangers of the untested jabs here from an expert who simply cannot be described as an 'anti-vaxxer'. One would have thought that the investigative journalists of the BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 4, CNN, etc, would be all over this and demanding explanations from The Powers That Be. But of course the mainstream media does not employ journalists. This is essential viewing.

Myocarditis For 14 Year Old Old Boy Post Covid Jabs... Twitter Blacklists News...

We've all heard of the incidents of myocarditis in young people - particularly young men - after getting jabbed with the untested Pfizer 'vaccine' (none of them have completed safety trials). Well, this young lad in America, still legally a child, can now be added to the tally. The mother fully supported the 'vaccine rollout', even promising it to a younger son when he turns 12, but had second thoughts after the severe health implications were brought home to her first hand by her 14-year-old son's reaction. Twitter, which insists that eating steak is 'sensitive content' (NWO Agenda 21), blacklisted her when she put the news online. Complicit in the dreadful cover-up and culling? You betcha. 


Dr Sam Bailey, of New Zealand, provides accurate information on the following subjects:  Has the CDC admitted there is a problem with the PCR test?  What is everyone dying from?  What is the Delta variant?  What about covid antibodies? Sam's research is always top notch, she is a true doctor. I bet Jacinda Ardern thoroughly dislikes her! But we, the truth-seeking people worldwide, don't. This video is so highly recommended for viewing it goes off the scale. Please watch.

England: Manchester People Shame A 'Covid' Testing Centre...

'SHAME ON YOU!' cry Manchester people as they swarm into a covid testing centre in that fine city. The centre uses the officially sanctioned sham test - the PCR - as do all such centres to create a fake virus pandemic situation. These protestors are awake. More, please. The wilful oppression and deceit by world governments, backed by opposition parties, the UN, the WHO and the WEF, cannot be allowed to continue. Or it will be the worst for all of us. Particularly our children and grandchildren. Tremendous damage has already been done. Fight back.

Woman Calls Major Australian Covid Testing Lab: 'How Do You Distinguish Between Covid And The Delta Variant?' Answer: 'We don't.'

We all know the PCR test has been a tremendously useful tool in the grand deceit being carried out on the world population. It does not diagnose viruses.  So, how does it tell the difference between one non-virus and another - covid and the 'delta' variant - so that governments can give figures out to terrify the people into getting jabbed, being locked-down, etc?  One Australian woman phoned a major covid test lab out there and asked just that question - although not in as much detail.  The answer was it can't.  So, where do these scary 'Delta' figures come from? The test lab said: 'You'll have to ask the government'.  So, the figures come out of Sajid Javid and his equivalents' worldwide backsides, it seems, as they cr*p on the world population, in unison. Building back better for the Great Reset, eh, boys and girls? Big pat on the head from Klaus Schwab? Criminals, the lot of them. We must have justice.

Phone The BBC - ''Your Caring, Impartial Public Servant' - They Will Probably Cut You Off, But It Gets People Thinking...

The BBC is such a corrupt organisation. It backs a lying government controlled by the elite at Davos and the WHO, acting in lockstep with other governments worldwide. Try and tell the truth, they'll cut you off. But persist. Some of what you're saying will get through at least. You pay for the BBC. But they are your enemy. Watch Hugo Talks Lockdown's video, please. And if you're not in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland - so no BBC? Same principle. Call into your broadcasters' phone ins, give a fake reason, then let the listeners/viewers have some true facts.

STUDY ⁣Teenage boys 14 times more likely to suffer heart complications with Pfizer jab

In our gynocentric society, it is distressing to realise that a study revealing that teenage boys are 14 times more likely to suffer heart complications after receiving the Pfizer jab will have far less impact than if it had been girls.  Dr Ros Jones: "It seems to get worse the younger you are. Are they going to need a transplant in 10 years? They don't know."

David Kurten: Boris Johnson's 'UK' Government Totally Controlled By The United Nations And World Economic Forum...

  The lockstep 'government' regimes of the world... all controlled by the WEF and the UN.  Covid communism, climate alarmism and cultural marxism.  The 'UK' has been asleep for a long time - letting undemocratic and discriminatory legislation like the Barnett Formula and asymmetric devolution go through without a word of protest.  The empty vessel that is the so-called 'UK' Government and its devolved arms are now totally controlled - alongside France, Germany, America, Italy, Australia and so on - by Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum and the United Nations - both totally unelected bodies. With the World Health Organisation (also totally unelected) totally complicit, we have the situation we now see...  A fake pandemic rushing us into accepting loss of freedoms - and untested 'medications' - we would never accept without it. Listen to David Kurten on the subject.

Dr Vernon Coleman: They Killed Granny - Now They're Going to Kill the Kids

Dr Vernon Coleman, international best-selling author and retired GP, is horrified that the UK Government now wants children to have an experimental jab that offers them very little but may kill them.  You must watch this.  For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit

BBC, London, England, Stormed By Protestors...

News just coming in that the BBC in London is being stormed by anti-covid agenda protestors. Great news. The BBC has long been complicit in harming the people of England, participating in the Agenda 21 regionalisation agenda, divide and rule in England, blocking (or downplaying) the truth about the Barnett Formula (reviled by its late creator, Lord Joel Barnett), and the resurgent West Lothian Question - coming back courtesy of Michael Gove. That's right, for years the BBC has backed the 'UK' governments in enforcing discrimination against every living soul in the largest, and by far the most ethnically diverse UK country, England. And if you question, cognitive dissonance of all cognitive dissonance, they call you a racist. During the covid scenario the BBC has stepped up as the main media enforcer of 'UK' government (and, in this case, Opposition) dictates like the champion lapdog it has been for decades. The footage here does my heart good. Thanks to Resistance G

Banning The Jabbed And Masked...

  An American guy tells us about a reverse trend in the States: a small trend, but rather nice. Segregation? OK, let's have taxis and restaurants for NON jabbed and masked people. Common sense, yeah?  But, of course, the jabbed (not vaxxed) scream 'DISCRIMINATION'! Anyone for cognitive dissonance?


    This is the video that got Sky News Australia banned from posting videos on YouTube. The video exposes the Great Reset for what it actually is.  YouTube, headed by the awesomely awful pale, female, misandrist and stale Susan Wojcicki, will not tolerate any efforts to expose the agenda, fiercely pushed by unelected dictators like Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles. You will own nothing, and you will be happy... all installed under cover of the 'Green Mask' of climate fear. Contact tracing, smart cities, 24/7 surveillance, enforced untested jabs, social credit scoring...  Here you can see Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, being exposed in lies about his knowledge of the Great Reset. 'A conspiracy theory!' he scoffs.  The old, old and totally stupid phrase. A newbie MP called Gideon van Meijeren then pulls out a letter the Prime Minister sent to Klaus Schwab, gushing about the plan and the hope to 'build back better'... Here is Mark Rutte, Dutch PM, getting a 

Are You Getting The 'Vaccine'? Take A Look...

    Great - and very to the point - animation, essential for anybody who wants to know the facts about the experimental jabs currently being enforced in lock-step by world governments, including Boris Johnson's fake Tory Government at the so-called 'UK' Parliament (via health secretary Sajid Jabid - sorry, Javid) and fully backed by Keir Starmer's fake Labour Party.


  From Angel Realm, Brand New Tube:  Miguel Escobar, a local PA (physicians assistant), spoke during a school board meeting in the USA. He explains the plandemic situation so very well stating the same facts I've also confirmed through my own observations and research.  ⁣ This parent works in the medical field, and he gave the board an EARFUL of facts and reprimands!! 27/7/21


  From Brand New Tube:  Credit & Appreciation to Press for Truth & Patrick King, 6/8/21  Patrick King has been trending on twitter due to a viral video where it is claimed that the province of Alberta in Canada rolled back their lockdown measures as a result of Patrick’s court proceedings and this is not true as Patrick states “I Wasn’t Successful, No I did Not Win The Court Case”.  In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Patrick King in order to clear up some discrepancies in regards to what is happening with his case.

German Eurosports Commentator Tells The Truth About The Covid Scenario...

Ah, the Olympics and medal time and masks in the open air because of a virus proven by an inappropriate test and never actually isolated in reality. And, of course, you must drape your own medal around your neck. These are surprisingly undangerous times - but the web of lies has been spun so convincingly to the sheeple that they don't suspect a thing. But what's this? A German sports commentator telling the truth?! Don't speak German? Don't worry, neither do I, but there are subtitles. The man is a true Olympic hero. Thank you, you great and wonderful man! I'd like to give him a hug!

'UK' Government: No Travel Unless Double Jabbed... WE DO NOT CONSENT - David Kurten

'The UK Government is acting like the Bolsheviks of one hundred years ago...' Of course it is. They all are. The 'UK' Government, riddled with the Barnett Formula and the West Lothian Question (coming back courtesy of Michael Gove - who doesn't want laws which represent the wishes of the UK's largest and most ethnically diverse country) has not been fit for purpose since asymmetric national devolution was rolled out. And it now acts in Lock Step with the majority of the other world nations to ensure the depopulation agenda and the Great Reset become reality. Of course, Boris Johnson wants depopulation and has for years - although HE can still pump kids out of his grotesque body whenever he wants. His Feminist Green Mask activist popsie, Carrie Symonds, will take care of the incubation - as long as he follows her rules. 'Oh, yah! I'll just call up some of my chums to drink fake oil outside the G7 summit area, OK?!!!' 'OK, darling, as long as you&#

Cressida Dick's and Sadiq Khan's Metropolitan Police State...

So, you're talking to your girlfriend on your mobile in your car, and two 'public employees' - or 'pigs' as some used to call them back in the 1970s and 1980s - come up and start treating like you a highly suspicious person. One of them actually has a rather pig-like snout, and the other is wearing a mask. And they start harassing you. You are not a free citizen. You are a highly suspicious person. We have a 'pandemic', you see - one which relies on an inappropriate test to prove its existence. It also relies on bizarre re-designation of cause of deaths, ignoring things like final stage terminal cancer - or being run over by a car within 28 days of a test - to put the fear of death in you, force you into taking an untrialled jab and lose your job and your privacy. And yet the 'terrible killer virus' still has an over 99% survival rate (pre-jab). This is England, 2021. Sadly, it's also Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Germany... The loss

Dr Ros Jones And Julia Hartley-Brewer: "It's Against International Law To Vaccinate Children To Protect Adults."

  The so-called 'UK' Parliament (asymmetric national devolution) is acting in lock step with other nations to enforce vaccinations in England. The agenda WILL NOT die until the people wake up. Or at least enough of us do. Talk Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer is rather misguided - she believes in PCR tests - and retired paediatrician Dr Ros Jones also seems to believe in the PCR test, but both are far more aware than many of co-morbidities and curious 'covid death' designations and against rolling out the vaccines to teenagers and children.  From Brand New Tube:  Stand Firm, say No! ⁣"It's against international law to vaccinate children to protect adults. They're making it up as they go along." Dr Ros Jones The risks to kids from covid 'vaccines' are.far greater than the risks of contracting the illness itself.

Barclay Crawford, Editor, Tells Daily Mail Australia Staff to Trash Anyone Opposing the Jabs and Covid Scamdemic

To read newspapers like the Daily Mail in England or Australia is to enter an alternative reality. Just like watching the mainstream media and listening to politicians and their stooge 'scientists'. As soon as you stop listening, the world looks remarkably normal. Nobody dropping dead in the street. No ambulances screaming by with people who have been struck down by a pandemic. Nothing.  The only signs of anything amiss are all manufactured for the agenda - poor folk scared to death wearing masks, people queuing for an untested jab - again apropos of fear porn, weird directional signs in supermarkets and the likes of Stagecoach Bus Company in England and Wales trying to force people to minimise their oxygen intake with masks. Here, Stew Peters takes a look at what's brewing and features footage of Daily Mail Australia's editor, Barclay Crawford, ranting about those who do not want an untested jab for a 'virus' proved by an inappropriate test and mangled stat

Wayne Smith - Investigator of The Matt Hancock Midazolam Culling Atrocity - Is Dead...

  Remember Matt Hancock and the Midazolam culling atrocity? All part of the covid-19 'number bumping' exercise? Wayne Smith's father was culled using Midazolam, in a care home.  Wayne has been collating evidence to take action. He has been found dead.  Andy Wright Talking Really Uncut has the details. Our sympathy to Wayne's family and friends.

Lord Sumption: "There's absolutely no justification for the measures that are threatened."

  With the threat of domestic vaccine passports and young people offered Uber and Deliveroo discounts to encourage them to get vaccinated, former Supreme Court Justice Lord Sumption says "There's absolutely no justification for the measures that are threatened.” 

Covid-19 “Pack of Lies”: Crimes Against Humanity - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

  Worldwide, people have been misled both by their governments and the media as to the causes and devastating consequences of the Covid-19 “pandemic”.  The unspoken truth is that the so-called "novel coronavirus" is actually an invented justification for powerful financial interests and corrupt politicians to precipitate the entire world into a spiral of mass unemployment, bankruptcy, extreme poverty and despair.  The evidence confirms that there is an insidious and carefully designed project formulated by the upper echelons of the financial establishment.  According to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s analysis of the history, estimates and underling scientific concepts, the so-called pandemic is “A Pack of Lies”.

King Peter The Virile - Interesting New Presence On The Truth Scene: Pingdemics and Vaccine Passports!!!

Have a look at this... Pingdemics, vaccine passports, fear porn from mainstream media, gaslighting, police violence and general police  thuggery, lies and hypocrisy of politicians, Event 201, face masks, 'jabs' and so on. Definitely a man to watch:

England And Wales - Losing Freedom - Vaccine Passports - Write To Your MPs...

The so-called 'UK' Government has been screwing down the population of England like nobody's business for eighteen months. Destroying, lives, jobs, sanity - driving up NHS waiting lists for essential treatments and diagnosis sky-high. And it continues to do so. The same is true of the devolved arm in Wales. We haven't checked on the even further devolved arms in Northern Ireland and Scotland - but what's the betting it's the same? So 'getting back to normal'. Vaccine passports are not, in any way, normal. Vaccine passports for untested 'emergency use' jabs (for a 'virus' with an over 99% survival rate) are not AT ALL normal. They are the gateway to a dystopian future. And when you remember Boris Johnson's adoption of the 'Build Back Better' WEF mantra, and his desire to cut the world population, you can see where all this is coming from. Fear-inducing SAGE is a major participant - it even has non-medical professor Susan Michie

"Vaccine Passports Are Now Prohibited In Texas" - Governor Greg Abbott

Wow! So there we were, lumping America in with England, Wales and Scotland when it comes to kick-back against the nightmarish imposition of vaccine passports, and then we come up against this from the 'Lone Star State'. America has its true star states, it seems. Congratulations to Governor Greg Abbott, who signs the legislation into law, in this video.

Boycott Costa Coffee - Medical Apartheid Supporters...

We drink tea mostly, not coffee, so we're not Costa people. Particularly as we only drink tea at home, cos we like it made our own special way (brewed for three hours, heated in a microwave, milk then added). But Costa has joined the HAVE AN UNTESTED JAB FOR A VIRUS WITH AN OVER 99% SURVIVAL RATE, A VIRUS WHICH IS DIAGNOSED WITH AN INAPPROPRIATE TEST AND WHICH IS LISTED INAPPROPRIATELY ON DEATH CERTIFICATES TO CREATE NUMBERS brigade.  Have that jab, or be forced outside if you visit one of their establishments. Do Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have shares in Costa? Is Professor Susan Michie of SAGE their best customer? Or are they just trying to curry favour with the ignorant and the fearful? Whatever, drop 'em. A friend of ours visited one of them out Bury St Edmunds way a while ago and emerged saying: 'That wasn't coffee!' So you won't be missing anything good.