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Christian Drosten - The Originator of the PCR Scenario...

      Kary Mullis invented the PCR test back in the 1980s and won a Nobel Prize for his work in the early 1990s. Sadly, Kary died shortly before the 'pandemic' - but he left plenty of video evidence of his opinion about using the test for diagnosis in the way it's currently being used. The man behind the current usage is Professor Christian Drosten, another Davos World Economic Forum attendee.  Yep, the small world again! Reiner Fuellmich is well on Drosten's trail. Here is an English translation from German of some of the findings.

Rochelle Walensky - 'Crisis Actor' of the American CDC...

  Here in England we've got Matt Hancock shedding fake tears and doing all he can to back up his darling Klaus Schwab (and slip a few quid to his mates) and over in the States, Rochelle Walensky, head of the thoroughly corrupt Center For Disease Control, has been trying the very same thing - to back up the narrative and terrify the public. She probably thought she stood a much better chance of garnering belief and sympathy than old 'Dry Cheeks Matt', being a woman. She's SCARED!Protect her! Do as she asks! Aw, diddums, Rochelle! Blow your nose and give it up -  you nasty, manipulative little liar, you! She performed a melodramatic 'break down' scene during a televised CDC briefing on Monday afternoon. It was all 'fourth waves', all 'spikes' (via an inappropriate test), all the old narrative. Same lines, same blatant untruths we get in England, different country, that's all. No mention of deaths 'with' covid, no mention of comorbiditi

Joining The Dots: Matt Hancock, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Joe Biden, Greta Thunberg, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab...

The World Economic Forum has no impact on world affairs, does it? Surely, Klaus Schwab's Great Reset is just a suggestion? He doesn't carry any clout with our elected representatives? OK, he might invite them to Davos, but surely they don't go because they're busy working for us and they care about us and... HAH! All roads lead to the World Economic Forum and Big Pharma. 'Our' politicians serve them, not you. Create a big worry. Let's call it 'Climate Change'... let's invite a mentally ill young woman to talk about it - get society onside... Here she is - safely at the WEF! She's not a scientist, but she'll grab the public sympathy and inflame everybody. After all, she's a young woman and she has mental health challenges. Now, let's scare everybody, claim a scientific consensus on the subject of climate change, say it's definitely human-made, and start implementing our real agenda - hiding it behind the green mask of environm

Reiner Fuellmich: The Roots of the Covid Scenario...

    'Do as we are telling you to do - no questions must be asked.' Reiner Fuellmich takes us through the facts concerning our loss of rights and captivity during the period, 2020-2021. Democracy has ended. Who has an interest in destroying the rule of the people? Behind all this lies a fascist, totalitarian regime. And it relies on the trusting and unthinking attitude of the vast majority to bring in its 'Great Reset'. Somebody needs to be in charge, says Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. And that, of course, should be a very rich, non-representative elite. People like him. The end of nations, of representative government. The end of your life. You will become a thing. A useless eater. Tolerated and corralled in 'smart cities' - unless you step out of line and question your prisoner status. Your 'representatives' - like the odious Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson - have been beguiled by the Davos clique. Davos is a ski resort in Switzerland, by the

Dr Sam Bailey: Woeful Wikipedia and Covid-19

Here, Dr Sam Bailey dissects the Wikipedia information on covid-19. And finds the information and the links to be nonsensical. Specific scientific source material? No, no - that is the realm of Dr Bailey, Dr Vernon Coleman, etc. Wikipedia relies on inappropriate links, opinion pieces and garbage for its sources. And then backs the establishment view. Yep, Wikipedia spouts garbage based on nonsense, and then denounces those calling for proper evidence as 'conspiracy theorists'. You know, sometimes there are conspiracies, folks. But whether or not, REAL science is vital, before you go destroying people's lives, driving up elderly deaths and waiting lists for vital medical interventions like cancer treatment/diagnosis and locking people indoors with all the impacts on mental health, child abuse, suicides, livelihoods, etc. And science is not the UK Government simply saying it follows the 'best science' when it depends on the likes of the WHO (not a government body), Bi

Rosa Koire On The Resistance To The Plan...

    The inimitable Rosa Koire, investigator of Agenda 21 for many years, gives us the lowdown on what it means to be the resistance to the Agenda 21/30/Great Reset/Big Pharma.

NHS England: Get Your Untested 'Vaccine' Here!

The public gets what the public can't be bothered to investigate. Meanwhile, despite large numbers of whistle blowers, doctors and scientist speaking out, the NHS is complicit in one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated on humanity. We keep getting letters from NHS England telling us we can have a free, improperly trialled 'vaccine' (gene therapy, surely?) for covid-19. You know, the devastating 'virus' which relies on mangling statistics and an inappropriate test to diagnose, and still leaves over 99% of us absolutely fine. We're told the same is happening in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The NHS in the so-called 'UK' is obviously being managed by criminals. Think Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson. Stick it, NHS. Right where the sun doesn't shine. And politicians - take your depopulation agenda and Great Reset and go and lose yourselves somewhere. Anywhere. Please. The proof you've gone along with it! No t

The BBC's Reputation Goes Before It...

Endlessly PC, SJW and government covid agenda backing, the BBC doesn't actually like most of the people in the UK.  Because they live in England and the BBC doesn't like England. England is an embarrassment and the cause of all past ills in the world and the UK, and it deserves the Barnett Formula, the recurrent West Lothian Question, asymmetric national devolution, etc. Yep, the vast majority of people in the so-called 'UK', the people of by far the largest and most ethnically diverse country, deserve a rotten deal. Yet, the people of England are forced to pay for the BBC if they want to watch broadcast TV. The BBC, of course, fancies itself as having a long history of first class broadcasting. Oh, yeah? Well, put up or shut up, voice of the New World Order and all that divides us and keeps us disunited. The Beeb's fame is spreading, and the Dutch man in this video warms the cockles of our hearts. When he tells the odious BBC man where to go, the BBC man is so take

Inspiring Moments From London Lockdown Protest...

  London, England, 20/3/21! Love the guy burning the image of a masked Boris Johnson. Boris, of course, loves the idea of rushed-through vaccines and depopulation ( he can still pump out sprogs though) - and he loves Bill Gates and Big Pharma. Lovely video - did our hearts good! Wake up, folks - believe us, the governments of the world do not have your best interests at heart. In fact, they have no heart at all. They are cold and merciless killers. Depopulation fan Boris Johnson, Prime Porker Prime Minister of England (he fancies himself it's 'UK' - but can't find the wotsits to tell Nicola Sturgeon) has a nice, cosy chat with his old pal, Bill Gates - he of the creepy Melinda marriage. Note the GAVI sticker proudly displayed behind Boris. GAVI is, of course, above the law. One of our favourite moments from the video - the burning issue of Boris Johnson's evil is addressed.

Anthony Fauci - The New Chicken Little - And Prince Charles And His Pal...

  'Dr' Anthony Fauci (that's a title only - he doesn't behave like one and in any sane world would have been struck off years ago) strikes us a character from the American animated TV series The Simpsons - a legend since its start in 1989. He's a creepy-looking cartoon representation of a man, a living caricature, mired in corruption, smirking and sucking up to Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum. He doesn't give a damn about you, gives everything for them, and his own personal interests. We were surprised some months ago to read that Fauci has the preferred 'bedside manner' of Americans. That seems to be changing. The vast majority have been far too asleep, far too trusting. The optimistic video above looks at the tale of Chicken Little Fauci and the way people are beginning to see through him and his absurd tales of variants, vaccines and continued DOUBLE mask wearing. Meanwhile, here in England, Prince Charles is so pally with Klaus Schwab, and t

World Wide Day of Protest - Down With The New World Order!

For such a dreadful disease, an amazing amount is done to manipulate the stats, isn't it? Die within 28/60 days of an inappropriate test - you're a corona death! Flu all but vanishes, and if you have final stage terminal cancer and test positive for covid - you're a covid death! This is a huge heap of steaming donkey doos. Our governments have climbed in bed with Klaus Schwab, the WHO and UN are totally corrupt, and the future is bleak. Unless you are one of the elite. The funny thing is, little yappy dog politicians like the English health secretary Matt Hancock, and others across the world, think THEY are part of the elite. They've supped the champers and scoffed the truffles at Davos with the World Economic Forum, and now think the people who elected them are stupid sheep who deserve to lose their liberty. Matt and others will find out that they ARE NOT part of the elite when their task is over. They are simply useful idiots. And Matt, who looks like he can't eve

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube - She Serves The World Economic Forum - Not You

All roads lead back to the UN. the WHO and the WEF. Here's the Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, page from the World Economic Forum. A totally private, totally unelected body which exerts tremendous pressure on the rest of the world; a millionaires' club attended by fawning politicians at Davos, with a horrifying future vision lined up for the rest of us called 'The Great Reset' - based on terrifying the world population into compliance. Susan, a nasty old misandrist if ever there was one, and female, pale and stale. is also a rabid follower of Klaus Schwab and co. Wonder why, when you feature and quote qualified doctors and scientists on YouTube, she brutally censors you? Susan has it all in the bag. And sod you.

NHS England: Clinicians Need More Information About The Safety And Efficacy Of Vaccines - For The Rest Of The Population Use Manipulation...

Excellent video from Katie Hopkins. She exposes bumpf from NHS England, the UK Government and a business school on how to manipulate the population into having the experimental vaccine for the virus diagnosed with a test which doesn't work. Goodness - aren't they desperate? Matt Hancock must really have high hopes of something nice from Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum at the end of all this for his tireless loyalty to Klaus, Big Pharma and the Great Reset. According to the NHS England bumpf, clinicians will take the vaccine - but need more information about its safety and efficacy first. And a few pages on the bumpf states - just tell the public and care home staff, etc, that clinicians say it's safe. Yeah right. Behavioural Change Unit? What?! I'm paying for that out of my taxes? Change your own behaviour, UK Parliament. You're an evil and completely transparent crock of horses' doo doos.

Dying 'Of' Or 'With' covid...

Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England, UK Parliament: 'If you die within 28 days of a positive covid test you died of covid - no matter what the cause. If you die the same day as receiving the marvellous experimental vaccine, well, of course, that's just a coincidence. Logic, people, logic!' One of the greatest purveyors of alarm - and the WHO, WEF, UN and world governments' favourite devices to maintain the unquestioning fear in the trusting world population - is to list all people dying within a specified period (28 to 60 days, depending on location) after an inappropriate positive test for covid as a covid death. It's absurd on its face. 'Hey, I'm 82 and have terminal cancer in its final stages. I've also tested positive via a PCR test not fit for purpose for covid. Hey, I've just died. It was the cancer, actually, but let's list it as covid.' How about... 'Hey, I've got a stubbed toe - it's painful, but it will pass.

Dr Vernon Coleman: The Future? Is There One? Please Share.

English doctor Vernon Coleman is a man we've been aware of for decades, and have a lot of respect for. Over the years, he has said a lot - not all that we have agreed with - but his arguments have always been backed by integrity and research. In the case of the 'pandemic', we have agreed with him 100% and applaud his totally non-profit making videos. Geert Vanden Bossche's recent concerns over the MRNA vaccines have worried us terribly. A man who backs vaccines - and is an expert. A vaccine creator. A man who has worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The whole of the human race is now in serious trouble. And we're not just talking about the Great Reset. Depopulation has always been a concern of the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates, Klaus Schwab and Boris Johnson. Please watch and share this video - with anybody you can - journalists, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, friends, enemies, doctors, nurses, shop assistants, lawyers, refuse cart workers,

The World Freedom Alliance - The Great Awakening...

The World Freedom Alliance is a huge ray of light in our darkness. 'Science is turning into a religion...' The current situation is frightening and absurd. All the draconian restrictions we are experiencing for a virus with a more than 99% survival rate; a test which is hugely unreliable and policies based on this test - imprisoning people in their own homes or elsewhere - oh yes, including in police cells - and masking them while studies going all the way back to 1980 prove the inadvisability of this. There are health implications. And this is what those we should be able to trust are enforcing. Rushed through vaccines? Inconceivable to the vast majority a couple of years ago, but frighten the people enough and they will do anything. And all the time Big Pharma and the World Economic Forum and the United Nations and the World Health Organisation and their beguiled slaves in governments across the world screech alarm at us. To get their own way. This is not a pandemic. It's

Matt Hancock - Now Works for the World Economic Forum - NOT Us (although we still pay him)!

The Great Reset, the top-down plan for the future of humanity, has been causing much concern. No input from the general population? Politicians hobnobbing with millionaires and following their edicts rather than serving the public? Oh yes.  And there is no better example than fawning Matthew John Hancock, apparently 'UK' Health Minister - although he does not have much power outside of England in practice. He is actually a voice piece of the World Economic Forum. Yes! Untested vaccines! Yes, lockdowns! Yes, inappropriate tests for covid. Yes, to not giving the public a say, for terrifying them and murdering them via untested vaccines, involuntary Do Not Resuscitate orders, non-diagnosis/treatment of cancer, and shunting the elderly around during the flu/'covid' season - and killing thousands. Yes, depopulation is very important to the World Economic Forum's plan - all under the green mask of 'environmental concern'. It isn't environmental concern. What l

Vaccines, Forced Vaccines, Deaths...

The brilliant Reiner Fuellmich again - PCR tests, WHO, World Economic Forum - and some harrowing footage of forced vaccinations and side effects of the vaccine. And, lest we forget... Matt Hancock does not serve you. He serves Klaus Schwab and the Big Pharma. Boris Johnson does not serve you. He believes in depopulation and serves Big Pharma and Klaus Schwab. 'Oh, I say - you're terrifically rich. I can smell the dosh, Mr Schwab!' Matt Hancock and Klaus Schwab. The World Economic Forum is a private organisation, not a government body. Boris Johnson and Bill Gates. 'Untested vaccine? Superb, Mr Gates! What a wheeze!' Remember GAVI is above the law - and cannot be investigated. Remember, Boris believes in depopulation. As long as he can pump out sprogs himself, of course.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg - Another International Hero...

  Dr Wodarg uncovered gross corruption at the WHO - and is still speaking out. The WHO changed the definition of 'pandemic' in 2009, so that they didn't need to be severe or particularly deadly. Today, they continue to change the definition - now we have a constant 'pandemic' - with 'waves' - courtesy of an unsuitable test and 'asymptomatic' people.  Dr Wodarg takes us into the background of what is happening now, and the involvement of Big Pharma. The WHO is completely and utterly corrupt.

Global Corporations Are Above The Law...

   With the likes of Matt Hancock, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau rubbing shoulders with the global elite at the World Economic Forum, we can expect what we've got. The United Nations (misandry a-go-go, and Agenda 21, amongst other unpleasantries) and the millionaires' club - the World Economic Forum (The Great Reset), are not democratically-elected bodies, and when our politicians (and royal family) decide to represent them and not us, we have the covid scenario. Throw big pharma into the pot (Matt Hancock fawning over Bill Gates) and we have the recipe for exactly what we've got now. More from Reiner Fuellmich above. To quote a 1960s song: 'We've gotta get out of this place - if it's the last thing we ever do...' You've seen Matty fawning over Klaus Schwab. Now here he is fawning over Bill Gates. Get that untested jab now! Hey look, there's the first minister of the devolved body in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon. Doesn't look half

Rosa Koire: Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030: The Plan for the 21st Century

When did all this begin? The technocracy movement of the 1930s? Its revival in the early 1970s? The formation of the World Economic Forum and Trilateral Commission, also early in that decade? The statement of the United Nations in 1976 that land property shouldn't really be ownable? Well, it all gained walking boots and triffid fronds in 1992 when world governments signed up to Agenda 21. Yes, it is binding - governments have signed up for it. Do not believe Wikipedia. It's a mouthpiece for the elite. Under the green mask of climate change, terrifying the world population, the technology is now in place to make the 21st Century a very different place. It needed to happen quicker though. Enter covid. Note: not COVID. We don't write cancer or bubonic plague in capital letters, do we? Rosa Koire uncovered the truth about the public/private partnerships and land use dictates of Agenda 21 through her work years ago.  And she's been speaking out about it since. Above, hear Ro

Zachary Denman: Looking Into The Near Future?

Zachary Denman is a film maker working in London, England. He says of himself:  'I like to make conscious films and videos that bring people a better understanding of the world they live in...' He is currently working on a series of films set in an increasingly probable near future. One of the Great Reset, drones, compulsory vaccines and tracking; a society without property and dependent on a pitiful universal income, corralled into 'smart cities', and watched 24/7. A society depopulated and controlled by an elite few. A very few. Millionaires like Klaus Schwab. All in the name of fake pandemics and 'saving the planet' - the green mask. Zachary's films follow the plights of two young people in a world probably just around the corner. Remember the terrible culling of the elderly which has already taken place, and continues. Watch and consider. And check out his Bitchute site for further instalments: As for depopu

Dr David Martin on the Criminal Activities of our 'Saviours' and an Industrial Chemical Intervention in Exchange for Freedom...

Laws broken, and some very evil people in control... And the current trail of pharma corruption stretches back years - at least as far as 1999. The World Economic Forum and the Great Reset lurk as part of the end game, but just what gives with the likes of Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma? Why is a test - which doesn't test - the gold standard for the 'virus'? Why are financially interested people making the decisions? What is the vaccine? In-depth analysis from Dr David Martin - well worth a listen.

Reiner Fuellmich - International Hero...

We have a great deal of time for Reiner Fuellmich. From the criminality of the PCR test, to the Great Reset, Mr Fuellmich has studied the facts behind the 'pandemic' extensively - and is acting. Mr Fuellmich has huge knowledge of law - including the English-American system, as practiced in the USA. Fascinating interview above.

Blowing the Whistle on GAVI and the World Health Organisation...

How did we come to all this? How can Bill Gates be a member state of the World Health Organisation? Why do vaccine companies have immunity from prosecution? What is the hotpot of corruption which sees member states RULED by the WHO, sees the promotion of unreliable PCR tests and the negation of clinical diagnosis?Why can't the police investigate GAVI? Why were the definitions of 'pandemic' changed by the WHO in 2009 so that they don't need to be particularly lethal at all? People are blowing the whistle. Listen to this upload, please.

Robert Kennedy Junior On Hermann Goering: Make People Afraid, And You Can Do Anything...

  Robert Kennedy junior on the Nazi past, the modern day situation and the bio security state.  'Governments love pandemics - the same as they love wars, as they give them power, they give them control and give them the capacity to impose obedience on human beings...'

Hey! Bring In A New Variant!

  Matt Hancock, champion bottom licker of Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum. Klaus knows everything and is very, very rich and very, very powerful, and Prince Charles loves him. Both Charles and Klaus are totally unelected and both want a Great Reset because it will apparently save the planet, while enslaving its people (outside of Klaus's superclass, and, Matt hopes, his own politician class). Yep, Matty-lad has been promoting and enforcing Klaus's agenda for several years now. You agree, don't you? Well if you don't, you have blood on your hands - unlike Matt, he of the involuntary Do Not Resuscitate orders, the murderous treatment of the elderly, the non-treatment of cancer and heart patients, etc. New variants, eh? Don't you just love 'em? The very latest in scare tactic PSYOPs as the Great Reset rumbles onto the horizon. Hey, there's a new variant from Spain and one person in England 'has it' and SCREECH! It's a super duper killer! O