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Creating A Panic, Politics, And REAL Doctors...

The Covid-19 pandemic has, undoubtedly become politicised. Many doctors, REAL doctors at the coal face, are speaking out - and being censored by the likes of Twitter, YouTube and Face Book. If you don't like a politician will you reject his/her recommendation to look into a product many doctors recommend to treat Covid-19 symptoms safely simply because you don't like his/her politics and your political party is screaming 'unsafe!' - playing politics - while the similarly politicised World Health Organisation is playing games? Do you trust REAL doctors dealing with REAL flesh and blood people or scientists with strange and highly inaccurate computer models, organisations like the WHO, sponsored by billionaires like Bill Gates, or politicians with their own agendas, who don't seem to care who dies if they can simply keep firing political pot-shots? Would you rather be 'Lockdowned' like prison inmates, see your livelihood go to the wall and face a futur

A Doctor Debunks The BBC's Face Mask 'Debunking'.

Our favourite 'old man in a chair', Dr Vernon Coleman, has been shaking his head in wonder at the bright sparks at the BBC who have been busily 'debunking' claims that face coverings can be bad for the health. Yep, they simply got on to an old pal of the agenda they favour and he agreed with them, so that's fine. I haven't sponsored the BBC in years and never will again. DVDs are so much more entertaining and educational, including those going back to the days before Auntie Beeb lost the plot - and started getting funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Their impartiality is truly magnificent,

Face Book 'Fact Checker' Contradicts The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Center For Disease Control (CDC)

New CDC & WHO Study: Face Masks Don't Prevent Virus - powered by Fact Checkers are dreadful. Because they are largely stupid. Or they have agendas. I'm stunned that anybody bothers with them. Even the apparently knowledgeable seem to have contracted idiocy of the worst order if anything doesn't agree with the WHO or, in America, the CDC. Take face masks. I disagree heartily with being forced to wear them for a virus with a less than 1% death rate, but the public... well, if Boris Johnson or Matt Hancock say wear them in England... DO IT, sheeple. But these 'worthy' individuals obviously ignore an awful lot of medical evidence, including very recent evidence from the CDC and the WHO. Watch Ben Swann on the subject and ponder why so much is being censored when it's perfectly sensible and all for a virus with a less than 1% death rate and heavily inflated death statistics to boot. Anyone ever heard of co-morbidities?

The Cure For Covid-19 - And Matt Hancock's Curious Job For The Boy...

 - ------------------------- Fabulous group of REAL American doctors speaking on the truth about the Coronavirus. Honestly, do you really want a rushed-through vaccine, continued draconian measures (for a disease with a less than 1% death rate) or proper health care? Do not narrow your vision to the virus only - with its mangled accounting systems producing inflated stats. Think of the effects of Lockdowns: suicides, violence, child abuse, crime, people with terminal illnesses going undiagnosed. What is the AGENDA here? Why are professionals working with REAL patients and saving lives being censored? Give these professionals a listen. More below:   - ------------------------------------- Matt Hancock, the 'UK' health minister (although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own - a job for the boy there), has links to Big Pharma and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Chris Whitty, England's chief medical officer, has received FUNDING from the Bill and Melin

Had No Test For Covid-19? We'll Call That A Positive...

OK, we know what Deborah Birx said, we know what Public Health England have done, we know what Italy said when it reviewed its Covid-deaths figures. Cases, of course, are not illnesses or deaths, but they suddenly seem to have become an incredibly ominous thing. Surely, if the virus does not adversely affect, or only mildly adversely affects, the vast majority, that is a cause for looking after the vulnerable and getting things back to normal in other areas? NO! NO! SCREECH! The public worldwide have been terrified - and the whole thing is too horrifying to bear! Wear a mask! Get prepared to Lockdown again! Shop your neighbour for doing the 'wrong' thing! It will make Bill and Melinda Gates very happy indeed. And Anthony Fauci. And Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty. These last three people have all received money or 'positions' from Bill and Melinda, incidentally. And so has the World Health Organisation. So, you go for a Covid-19 test, the queue is too long, and you

Real Doctors - Censored on YouTube for not backing Bill And Melinda Gates and the WHO

YouTube is amazing. It backs the Bill and Melinda Gates-sponsored World Health Organisation, and blocks the voices of real doctors talking about their real findings. Wow. Listen to those REAL doctors on the frontlines - and make your own decision. YouTube censors real doctors and real facts if they do not back Bill and Melinda Gates and the WHO's agenda.