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France In The Vaccine Passport Era - Showing How To Protest!

The Americans (all citizens of America) are sheeple. The English (all citizens of England) are sheeple. The Welsh and Scottish (all citizens of Wales and Scotland) are sheeple - a few Nationalists are happy to gob off about the English when it suits (England having no parliament to reply) but in this, a real battle, they show their true nature - cowardly sheeple. But the French! Huge protests and unrest against 'vaccine passports' - being brought in in lockstep across the world as is the pattern with the Great Reset. The French are out there, spraying Macron's residence with manure, slapping his face, demanding his dismissal, and protesting, protesting, PROTESTING! How it should be done. Vive La France!

Dave Cullen - A Message to My Harassers

  Dave Cullen, over in Ireland, is an exemplary pursuer of the truth in our terrible, twisted, on-the-brink-of-total-dictatorship world.  And, like so many others, he suffers for it.  Dave has recently moved house and the fear campaign against him has moved up a notch. From totally untrue graffiti to bizarre Masonic symbols, his and his neighbours' properties have been damaged. As has his car.  Please watch this video. Dave remains resolute.  Please consider supporting his work. He fights not only for the people of Ireland but for all of us. :

Dr Mike Yeadon, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Patrick Henningsen - Symposium For Covid Ethics

What is happening to us? Why are we being forced into untested jabs, 'vaccine passports', highly unhealthy mask-wearing and lockdowns for a supposed virus with a more than 99% survival rate, created by inappropriate tests and statistic mangling? What is the link to Klaus Schwab and ID 2020? Why did the WHO declare a public health emergency of international concern based on inappropriate PCR testing, producing 83 cases at the start of all this? What is the connection to covering up a crisis in the existing financial world? What is this 'virus' doing to the distribution of wealth? Why do we still have Neil Ferguson, when his past history is no recommendation (anyone for foot and mouth?), and his computer models are baloney? The same with Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and SAGE? Professor Susan Michie specialises in psychological manipulation, not medicine, she's a Communist and she wants face masks and social distancing FOREVER. What is this all about REALLY? Do have

Dr Sam Bailey: Once Upon A Time In Wuhan... Not A Conspiracy Theory - A Conspiracy...

    Dr Sam Bailey is one of New Zealand's great hopes as Jacinda Ardern continues her dictatorial madness.  Here, Sam takes us back to December 2019, to Wuhan, China, and looks at how this terrible scam began with the 'genome' sequence for 'SARSCOV-2'.  We then move onto Christian Drosten and his PCR testing...  Sam's a doctor. With all the current rank dishonesty happening in the medical world to keep the covid scenario going, that's not a great recommendation. But Sam is not a Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab or WHO disciple. She's honest.  Listen.


    Jeff Barke, MD, joins Del Bigtree of the High Wire to discuss the science and studies behind the dangers of reinstating mask mandates, particularly in schools.  'Groundhog Day!' says Del as the CDC advocates harming kids again.  Lockdowns are obviously ahead again, too.  There is no escape from this. Wake up, America! And England. And Wales. And Ireland. And...

Dr Vernon Coleman: The Lockdowns, the Masks, The Rules Are Coming Back...

  In this round-up of what has happened, is happening and will happen next, international bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains that most of the spies at GCHQ in the UK think that "Iver Mectin" is a Welsh renegade living in a caravan in Aberystwyth.  For more information about other important matters, please visit

The Late, Great Rosa Koire - At Her Very Best In 2012 - Agenda 21 - Smart Growth, A 'Crisis' Comes Up, The Manufacturing Of Terror, The 'New Normal' Response...

Rosa Koire has left a lot of excellent work behind - and we just know that, if there is a life beyond this one, she's still very much with us in spirit. Here she is in 2012 - already telling all those who cared to listen about Agenda 21/30, 'New Normals' and the plan which lurks behind the corona/climate change agenda. In those days, of course, we'd only got as far as climate change. You nasty, sprawling lot - with your back gardens and cars... A long video - but well worth staying with.

Covid News 'Censored' - Say UK Journalists, Sonia Elijah, Tony Gosling - Holding The Line...

  A promising new initiative from journalists who are worthy of the name: Holding The Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship Statement of principles  Holding The Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship We are a group of journalists and media workers from multiple sectors including press, broadcasting, freelance and PR who are concerned much of the UK media is turning a blind eye to Covid-19 data and analysis that challenges the Government narrative.  Since March 2020, the UK media has:  ● frequently published fear-inducing and sometimes inaccurate news coverage;  ● undermined initiatives such as the Great Barrington Declaration that offer alternatives to the government’s Covid-19 mitigation policies, while hit pieces have been commissioned targeting scientists who dissent from the dominant Covid-19 narrative;  ● helped foster what is now emerging as a hostile environment for people who choose not to have a Covid-19 vaccine. The UK media has often faile

Police - Riot Gear And Masks - To Protect, While Battering, The Public In England...

  Freedom campaigners face up to and review the uniforms of the police stormtrooper patsies of the totalitarian State.  Absurd, isn't it? No friendly public employees, no bobbies on the beat, just stupid, brutal people all masked up, in glass fronted helmets, ready to attack those who see the absurdity of the evil hoax being perpetrated by the power mad elite.  Dixon of Dock Green would turn in his grave...

French President Macron's Residence Sprayed With Manure...

Dear me! Such heartening scenes from just across the channel in France. Emmanuel Macron's residence sprayed with manure. And watch his french windows coming open. Not that it's enough to cure Manny. Oh, no. He's already had a slap round the face, but his devotion to Herr Klaus Schwab, the Great Reset and the New World Order will continue. 'Aw, come to me, you dear beaky boy!' says Klaus Schwab to President Macron. 'But wait a minute. Vot isss zat terrible pong?'

Dr Vernon Coleman - Full Speech At London, England, Worldwide Freedom Rally, 24 July, 2021. A Man Chris Whitty And Patrick Vallance DARE NOT Debate!

  Our favourite old man in a chair - his full speech at the London Worldwide Freedom Rally.  Vilified, harassed, libelled, Dr Coleman stays strong. We thank him. Another expert the likes of SAGE, Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid - let alone Anthony Fauci - dare not publicly debate!  ENJOY!

Baroness Kennedy - 'People Sometimes Need A Little Bit Of Coercion...'

Here's another terrible Scottish export (not as bad as the Blair creature, but certainly not good) saying that students in England need a 'little bit of coercion'. They need to be forced to take the experimental jabs, in a nutshell. Just what the hell is going on? Coercion to take an experimental jab for a 'virus' which effects your age group hardly at all - and for a virus with an over 99% survival rate, which needs dishonest stats and an inappropriate test to even get to that level of fatality? Coercion in a 'free' country? What is she? Some kind of Nazi? They believed in a 'little bit of coercion', didn't they? Baroness Kennedy can't really speak to Scotland, of course, because it has its own parliament. On top of the 'UK' one, which really only rules England, the largest and most ethnically diverse 'UK' country. This rulership takes place with heaps of non-representative MPs, whose constituents are devolved. Good heavens.

Melbourne, Australia - Numbers Defeat The Government/Police Dictatorship...

  The police and mainstream media got a hard time at the latest lockdown protest in Melbourne, Australia.  The police were all ready to 'kettle' - 'block in' individuals and take their liberty, but the crowds were too large.  Heard on the street: 'You can't let fear overrun your life...'   'Freedom over fear...' 'The boys in blue are always the patsies of every totalitarian dictatorship EVER...'

'UK' Parliament 1922 Committee Head Graham Brady Admits Lockdowns Are Really For 'Social Control'...

Graham Brady, head of the Tory 1922 Committee at the 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Parliament, has admitted that lockdowns are all about 'social control' and says it's time to turn down the 'fear dial'. American journalist Jefferey Jaxen has been doing some delving and delivers a fascinating report to Del Bigtree of The High Wire in this video. This highly revealing report on how SAGE and the 'UK' Government have used manipulation and fear to disempower and terrify the people of England - echoed and supported by the devolved arms of the government in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is a must-watch. LOCKDOWN! TERRIFY! DESTROY LIVES! HEALTH! LIVELIHOODS! SANITY!

Dr Mike Yeadon - Lockdowns, PCR Tests, Jabs, Masks, Variants, Asymptomatic Transmission And More. PLEASE SHARE.

Ex-vice president of Pfizer, Dr Michael Yeadon can in no way be described as an 'anti-vaxxer'. Yet he has spoken out against the covid regime, at tremendous cost to himself. The covid regime is not to about health. It is about CONTROL. Please listen to Dr Yeadon - and share.

Inspirational Speech - Reiner Fuellmich Onscreen At The Worldwide Rally For Freedom, London, England, 24/7/21

From the degeneracy all around, us have come heroes. Heroes like Reiner Fuellmich. Reiner, a top German lawyer of international renown, is a true people person - and is just as at home talking to taxi drivers as he is to other lawyers. Hooray for Reiner and the Berlin Coronavirus Investigative Committee. Thank you all.

Dr Vernon Coleman - London, England, World Wide Freedom Rally, 24/7/21

  Dr Vernon Coleman speaks at the London, England, Freedom Rally on 24/7/21.  Did you know how much profit Bill Gates's company made in Ireland last year?  Do you remember what Neil Ferguson said at the start of all this? Do you remember when the 'UK' Government discovered the truth about the nature of 'covid', ignored it, and implemented lockdowns, mask wearing and social distancing?  Do you know the figures currently waiting for treatment on the NHS in England and Wales?  Masks do more harm than good. Did you know?  Vernon Coleman, our very favourite elderly man - in or out of a chair - does.  Great to see this super man at the rally.

Spiro Skouras | Lawsuit Filed: Insider Blows Whistle on Cover-up - Attorney Interview

   'Jane Doe' has blown the whistle on the corrupt world of vaccine adverse effects/deaths reporting, and the warped double standards of 'covid death' reporting in comparison.   Exclusive Attorney Interview - Spiro Skouras - July 23rd, 2021.

Never Gonna Get It (The Vaccine) (Coronavirus Parody) #MrCheswick

  We never liked the original version of this song, but the gorgeous Mr Cheswick has updated it so wondrously we're hooked.  It's a masterpiece. As 'UK' politicians say 'forced jabs for you but not for me,' (did you hear what Lyndsay Hoyle said? After all, we can't have 'the over mighty executive' making politicians take an untested jab, can we? Nope - that's just for the common people) get a load of this song.

Triggered Masked Woman: FEAR IS VIRTUE!

  Interesting vid of a woman in an American supermarket being verbally harassed by a mask-wearing saint, dripping virtue and ignorance.  Ms Maskly-Virtue totally rejects any reasoned replies to her nonsense, of course, and any chance of discussing the fatality rate (via mangled stats) of 'covid-19'. She remains on her mount of self righteousness.  Though verging on throwing a serious wobbler.

James Corbett: Whitney Webb on the Oxford-AstraZeneca Eugenics Links

    From The Corbett Report:  Even some in the independent media have bought into the hype surrounding the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine and its “not-for-profit” nature.  But once you peel back the layers of obfuscation you quickly find not only the profit motive hiding underneath, but the dark spectre of eugenics.  Whitney Webb of Unlimited Hangout joins us to discuss her recent article, “Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement.”

The Wellcome Leap Into Transhumanism.. James Corbett Interviews Whitney Webb...

  From the Corbett Report:  Whitney Webb of joins us once again, this time to discuss her latest article, 'A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction.'  Even if you’re familiar with the transhumanist agenda, what the ex-DARPA, ex-Silicon Valley old hands at the newly created Wellcome Leap are planning to do in their quest to transform the human species in the coming decade will blow your mind.

'Sir' Lyndsay Hoyle - House of Commons Speaker: Vaccine Passports? 'UK' Politicians Are Exempt. WHY?

The so-called 'UK' Parliament is forcing the public to accept experimental jabs to regain any semblance of freedom - entrance to large social events, night clubs, etc, and, in many cases, even to retain their jobs. But guess what? 'Our' politicians are exempt. Yep, they tell us the 'vaccines' are super safe and effective, they're pressuring workers into getting jabbed and threatening their jobs if they won't, but 'UK' MP's will be exempt. Why? Because they are. All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others...

Deranged Triggered Woman Has A Rant At Freedom Protestors...

The sad effects of the experimental jabs, watching mainstream media and listening to lying politicians have come home to roost for this woman. She clearly doesn't like those protesting for freedom. Hey, Ms, just a few questions: have you considered the effects of the ping-demic? Not enough staff in shops, power stations, doing deliveries or working in hospitals and care homes - and all based on an inappropriate test? Do you KNOW what the late Kary Mullis said about the PCR test - he was the inventor - and just who Christian Drosten is? And what does the NHS do when we run out of money? If people can't work, it will. This video is short, but if you're of a sensitive, 21st Century disposition, I'll offer you a trigger warning. Trigger warning. This video features a deranged triggered woman. OK?

This Is England, 2021: Nadhim Zahawi: Vaccine Passports Essential... For a 'Virus' With An Over 99% Survival Rate And An Inappropriate Test to Prove You Have It...

   The 'vaccines' are totally experimental and are already having alarming side effects. Including heart inflammation in young men, blood clots and miscarriages and other things - death included. But Nadhim Zahawi, vaccines rollout minister for England, has announced that they will be mandatory if you want to go to the theatre or a rock concert or to any large social event from the end of September. Negative test? That simply WILL NOT DO. For a virus proven by an inappropriate test, and a bizarre 'of' or 'with' designation for deaths. Terminal cancer - final stages? Covid death.  Run over by a car within 28 days of a positive PCR test? Covid death. Been subjected to an involuntary Do Not Resuscitate order? Covid death. It is obvious that the murky world of SAGE lies behind this. And beyond that lies Big Pharma and the WEF. Freedom is ended. The culling is getting well and truly underway.


    Around the UK? Join the essential (if you value a free and happy future for your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc) Worldwide Rally For Freedom on 24 July, 2021.   A 'virus' with numbers provided via an inappropriate test?   A 'virus' which huge numbers die 'with' rather than 'of' (example: 88 year old in the final stages of terminal cancer sadly dies. That is a 'covid' death)?   A 'virus' which seems to virtually destroy the existence of the flu?   A 'virus' which requires mandatory experimental gene therapies, tagged 'vaccines', which are already showing signs of having alarming effects? Blood clots. Heart inflammation in young men. Disruption to menstrual cycles and miscarriages in women, and more?   A 'virus' which requires the wearing of face masks - when no controlled studies have ever proven their efficacy in virus scenarios and a recent controlled study has proved are HARMFUL to children?   

Australia - Sydney - 1 Death (Man In His Eighties), 111 New 'Cases' Via Inappropriate PCR testing, And Savage Restrictions... This IS NOT Satire...

A RECORD 82,000 inappropriate tests. Yep, they're ramping up the PCR tests!  111 new 'cases' diagnosed by tests (not illness).  1 Death (the third in this so-called outbreak) - a man in his eighties.  Non-essential retail to close.  Construction sites to close.  9000,000 residents of Sydney sealed into their own areas - cannot leave, even for work.  Does this seem like satire to you? No, no - it isn't. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is bringing in these measures as a 'No Regrets' policy. She's clearly potty. Who's not going to regret it? The vast majority surely will. This is ridiculous. Gladys Berejiklian, premier, NSW, believes that killing people via restrictions is great. Lost your job? Your home? Your sanity? Your hospital treatment date? No matter! She will have no regrets. Power really corrupts, doesn't it?

London, England, Freedom Rally, Saturday, 24 July: Hot News From Dr Vernon Coleman

  Please visit

Vera Sharav - Survivor: Similarities Of Medical Abuse In 1930's Germany With Todays Covid-19 Policies...

   Vera Sharav speaks about the parallels between the covid era and Nazi Germany.  'Coercive public health policies violated individual and human rights...'  Interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich and the German Coronavirus Investigative Committee, this is one thing you simply MUST listen to.


One of our greatest hopes, Reiner Fuellmich of the German Coronavirus Investigative Committee, tells us all about the 'pandemic' and the action he and other lawyers are bringing to stop the terrible crimes against humanity being perpetrated by the corporate elite and our traitorous politicians.

Dr. Robert Malone (mRNA Technology Inventor) Discusses Covid Narrative Fraud

Of course, with the PCR test you're going to find false positives by the score, and governments like to vilify those who won't take what is an experimental jab , with emergency use only. Emergency use? Oh, yes. For the 'virus' which needs false positives and 'with' rather than 'of' deaths to alarm people. Here, Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, gives his thoughts on the bizarre state of affairs.


That curious lockstep sensation again. Macron in France. Johnson in England. Vaccine passports. Freedom Day for England was 19 July, and Boris Johnson chose that day to announce that those not submitting to an 'emergency use' experimental jab will have their freedoms curtailed. And people must show their papers to gain access to public venues and events in England from the end of September. Despite his grandiose and nonsensical 'UK' posturings, Boris can only impose his despotic rule on England, of course. He's far too scared to revoke powers from the devolved areas to assure a cohesive approach on a tiny island - although apparently we're in an emergency beyond all emergencies. One that justifies taking our cherished liberties. Forever.

This Is England, 2021 - the Police as Dictatorship Government Thugs...

England. Home of the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights. Now, our servants have become our masters. The arrested man seen here is paying these men via his taxes. Wake up, police. What you are enforcing will come back to bite you. You are taking away the freedom of yourselves, your friends, and your loved ones. Full dictatorship is coming.

What's Wrong With Wikipedia? From The 'Pandemic' To Politics, Co-Creator Larry Sanger Gives His Views...

Wikipedia is a bizarre concoction.  Honestly.  We spotted that years ago. Here, co-creator Larry Sanger gives his views on what has gone wrong.

Alan Miller: Vaccine Passports will Impose "Stasi-like controls" on England...

  Interesting interview from Julia Hartley-Brewer on Talk Radio. The 'UK' Government (asymmetric national devolution) is bringing in vaccine passports for restaurants, night clubs and large gatherings in England.  For the 'virus' with the odd stats, the 'of' or 'with' death designations, the inappropriate tests, the 28 day rule, the involuntary DNR orders, the 'emergency use' experimental jabs, the over 99% survival rate... Is England heading for the status of an 'Alcatraz Island' nation?

Boris Johnson and SAGE Hide Behind The Police... But Some Of The Police Officers Are Getting The People's Message...

  SAGE and its dictatorial, unscientific attitude, and its mouthpieces, Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance hide behind the police and ignore the people who are demanding a return to sanity.  But, as this scene from the London, England, protest on 19 July 2021 shows, some police officers are hearing what is being said and becoming concerned for their own friends and loved ones.  Heart-warming stuff.  To all police officers, please help the people who are trying to put things right. Read up on Kary Mullis and his PCR test, Christian Drosten, Reiner Fuellmich, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Mike Yeadon - ex vice-president of Pfizer, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, Professor Delores Cahill, Dr Sam Bailey of New Zealand, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum...  Your family and friends - and the public you serve - need you more than ever.

MarK Sexton's Speech At The London, England, Freedom Rally, 19 July, 2021

Ex-police constable Mark Sexton is a new English folk hero. His tireless pursuit of justice and sanity against the world narrative has won the admiration of millions from across the UK - and beyond. Here's his speech from the freedom rally in London on 19/7/21.


Well, as the farce of freedom day for England unfolded, just after the neatly acted Sajid Javid 'gwogginess' and the self isolation of Boris Johnson (I wonder if the forces behind this will actually start bumping off chess piece politicians and assigning the deaths to 'covid' soon to help their agenda? Careful, Sajid!), crowds gathered outside Downing Street, London, England, chanting: 'ARREST BORIS JOHNSON!' Not everybody is asleep. And that seems to be increasingly true. Good. There is hope.

David Vance: Boris Johnson Decides on YOUR Freedom... Improperly Trialled 'Jab' Passports Arrive In England...

Freedom Day for England was always going to be a damp squib. And so it has turned out. The virus with the over 99% survival rate has prompted 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make such dictates as banning entry to night clubs and large venues for the un-tested-jabbed (not vaccinated) from the end of September and to say: 'Some of life's most important pleasures and opportunities are likely to be increasingly dependent on vaccination'. He means un-tested, improperly trialled jabs NOT vaccinations. Just who the hell gave him the right? The 1% apparently. Boris clicks his heels and loyally follows the rule of the WEF. Represented by communists like Professor Susan Michie at SAGE. And, with the population split between the truthers, the going alongers and the terrified, Boris is taking full advantage. Listen to David Vance's live stream for more...

Dr Scott Jenson: Real Causes Of Death...

    "My mom didn't die from COVID. She died of a broken heart and starvation."  This story is ALL too common.  Sadly, I fear our politicians have learned nothing!  Our elders are still at risk from a political class who've tasted the power of lockdowns. They can NEVER happen again.

Mike Yardley Believes Covid Is A Psyop - Talk Radio - Mike Graham - 16 Jul 2021

Mike Yardley, a journalist, formerly of the British Army, suffered terribly after the jab - and continues to suffer. He is determined to 'get right'.  Here, Mike discusses the inaccuracies of covid reporting, how he became badly ill after the Covid vaccine, PCR test inaccuracies, and the psychological operation in the media since covid.  Oddly, he leaves out the plight of young men - afflicted with heart inflammation post jabs, but then men do tend to regard the plights of other men.  Read more here -

Del Bigtree and Jefferey Jaxen of The High Wire on Covid Vaccine Mandates in Europe...

Flying in the face of rational science, responsible public health policy and ethical principles, European governments are requiring vaccine passports to function in society and for healthcare workers. Like an echo, populations have responded almost immediately with sustained protests in the streets. The 'virus' with the mangled stats, the inappropriate test, the more than 99% survival rate, the bizarre 'asymptomatic carriers' is still doing its job in cuckolding the majority, but some are awakening...

Sajid Javid Tests Positive for Covid After Two Jabs. Now, What did Kary Mullis, PCR Inventor, Say About The Test Again?

  This is laughable. Savid Javid, 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) health minister is apparently feeling poorly after testing positive for covid, having had two jabs.  Jab side effects? Hay fever? Summer flu? A bug? No, no, it's covid, of course. The vast majority have no symptoms after the inappropriate test, but politicians, of course, do. Well, here we're in our fifties and sixties - with a wide network of friends and contacts, including many healthcare workers - and we don't know a single soul who has suffered any adverse effects from 'covid'.  You, Mr Javid, just like Matt Hancock, are a liar and an agenda pusher. Your house of cards will fall.  Below, the late Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR test in the 1980s and won a Nobel Prize for it in the early 1990s, tells us the truth about the test.  And Mr Javid, your acting, including that woeful expression, would disgrace an episode of Crossroads . Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test which has t

France Under Dictatorship - Reiner Fuellmich with Virginie de Araujo-Recchia

Emmanuel Macron, president of France, of course, is a puppet - like all other 'leaders'. He's a puppet of Big Pharma, the UN, the WHO and the World Economic Forum. All private, unelected bodies.  As in England, the French government is now threatening the health of care workers and becoming increasingly draconian in enforcing the experimental jab. Mr Macron may have got a slap round the face by an enraged member of the electorate, and he may be aware of people like Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Vernon Coleman, Professor Delores Cahill and ex-Pfizer vice president Mike Yeadon, but he ignores them. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi? Nope. Nobody can divert Macron's fierce loyalty to his leaders.  Virginie de Araujo-Recchia is an attorney at the Paris Bar Association. After obtaining a master's degree in European and international law, then a post master’s degree in international commercial law at the University of Paris Descartes, she joined Clifford Chance an international law firm,

Reiner Fuellmich, Leslie Manookian and George Wentz Discuss The Overly Confident Usurpers of Truth, Freedom and Justice - Is their Downfall Coming At Last?

Fascinating interview with Reiner Fuellmich. Disappearing freedoms, increasing censorship, rampant coercion. Are the perpetrators finally overplaying their hand? From Leslie Manookian Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF):  The Fund seeks to ameliorate health injustice through education and advocacy. We aid families and individuals whose health rights have been infringed and support legal challenges to unjust laws that undermine our health and freedoms. If your rights have been infringed, we may be able to help. When you think of the Nazis do you think of liberty or tyranny?  When you think of book burning do you think of freedom or oppression?  Anyone who understands a little about history knows that when regimes resort to book burning and censorship, they probably have something to hide.  While it might surprise you, powerful corporations are censoring free speech in the US. I made an award

Dr Vernon Coleman: General Medical Council - This Is The Battle Which Could Win Us The War...

  International bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains why the medical establishment could be about to make a huge tactical error that will expose the covid-19 fraud for what it is.  For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit

Mark Dolan of Talk Radio Interviews Dr Tess Lawrie - Ivermectin, 'Emergency Use Jabs', Side Effects, Deaths, the Covid 'Industry' and More...

Great interview from Mark Dolan of Talk Radio. Double-jabbed Mark talks with Dr Tess Lawrie, director of the Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy in Bath, England, about the covid scenario - including ivermectin, 'emergency use' jabs, side effects, deaths, the Yellow Card Scheme, lockdowns - and the multi-million pound covid-19 scenario industry.  Well worth a listen.

The NHS Allows The Use Of Dangerous CPAP Machines And NHS England Launches The 'NHS Immunisation Management Service' - No Privacy, Folks.

You know that 'virus'? The one diagnosed with a PCR test which does not diagnose viruses? The one your caring NHS is letting diagnosis and treatment of really evil diseases like cancer and heart disease go hang for? The one that has an over 99% survival rate? The one that people like an ex-vice president of Pfizer have spoken out about? The one that the NHS, with individual surgeries pumping up their profits with every needle driven home, want you to have the experimental jab for? Well, NHS England has a new spiffing wheeze. Yep, they've formed an organisation called 'The NHS Immunisation Management Service' - and they're phoning people up to try to coerce them into getting the jab, or possibly enter them on some black list for refusing the untested jab. It's here. It's happening. And Klaus Schwab's Cyber Polygon exercise has just passed. And we all know what happened after his coronavirus exercise, don't we? The public are really getting themsel

Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Dr David Martin: Patents, Vaccines and the Coronavirus Scenario...

  Reiner Fuellmich with David Martin, July 9, 2021.   The video clip above is one interview from the 60th session of the Corona Investigative Committee, livestreamed on July 9, 2021, which can be found at Corona Ausschuss – Ausweichkanal channel.  In this interview, Dr David Martin shares a summary of his decades of research related to this global takeover via “scientific and message control”, following a trail left via US patents.  His company M-CAM has reviewed the over 4,000 patents that have been issued around SARS coronavirus, including a comprehensive review of the financing.  Contributing to the conversation are Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, attorney Viviane Fischer and Prof. Martin Schwab (legal advisor to the Corona Investigative Committee).

The BBC Employs 22,000 Traitors - They Don't Serve You, And Get Upset If You Tell Them - Although You Pay Their Salaries...

  Terribly funny - but a BBC staff member (not really a journalist - the BBC doesn't employ those) is bringing a legal action for being called a 'traitor' by a member of the general public. Well, the BBC IS a traitor - on covid, with its relentless propaganda, and on many, many fronts. The faux 'journalist' is an employee of the public, and if being called a 'traitor' is the worst they experience, well, they're doing well.  Of course, brainless but deceitful Boris Johnson has been terribly shocked by it all. I was terribly shocked when Boris Johnson called Dr Vernon Coleman 'Nuts' and refused to engage in public debate with him. But then we pay Boris's salary, too - so obviously he can do as he pleases, between General Elections.   International bestselling author and retired doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains why the BBC's 'journalistic' staff are all traitors.  For more information about other important matters, please v


  Oh dear. The government, having said that mandatory vaccines are 'not the way this country does things' (Boris Johnson), has rushed through a vote under Savjid Javid (new boss, same as the old) and removed the rights of residential care home staff in England to say no to the experimental jab. Does he really imagine that this area of work is so highly paid, so recognised, so glamorous that everybody will just give up their rights to bodily autonomy? Well, Mr Javid, and Mr Johnson, it isn't. You can earn as much - or more - in a factory or shop as you can as a care worker in England. Despite concerns expressed by the care sector regarding this latest draconian piece of legislation, it has been voted through by 'our' representatives. They don't represent us, of course. They represent the World Economic Forum. What - no impact study? Nope. The gravy train riders of the so-called 'UK' Parliament (asymmetric national devolution) just keep drawing the money a

Jerm Warfare Interviews Reiner Fuellmich: The PCR Test Is The Foundation Of The Entire Covid Scenario...

The plan has been so simple. And so transparent. But the vast majority of people don't think.  The inappropriate PCR tests to create numbers, the experimental jabs, the 'leaked' story of a virus escape from the Wuhan lab... all setting us up for more 'vaccinations', lockdowns and a very different future from the 2019 and back reality of hugs, kisses and everyday life.  'Build Back Better' goes the worldwide mantra from 'our' leaders.  Build back to the World Economic Forum's vision of what the world should be. Great interview, highly recommended. In fact, I would say, essential listening. A gorgeous meme from OffGuardian. The mainstream media, of course, is totally subservient to the interests of the World Economic Forum, the WHO and corrupt scientists and politicians.

The Sheep Are Responsible For This Tyranny...

Bombarded by decades of brain-dead, yet seemingly vital, pop culture and fashions - like Ken Dodd, klackers, Crossroads , the Bay City Rollers, overly short skirts, overly flared trousers, My Little Pony, The Birdie Dance , the World Wide Wibble and all it attendants - including Facebook and Twitter, the brain-dead majority question nothing and quell in fear if somebody says a wrong word or tells them easily disprovable lies about a 'killer virus'. And then they adopt a 'fear is virtuous' pose and start picking on those who see the truth. The culling we're experiencing, the implementation of the plans of Klaus Schwab, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, Big Pharma and complicit politicians, media and 'scientists' across the world could not take place without the compliance of the sheeple. Here's Mr Cheswick's lovely ditty, dedicated especially to them.

'INCREASE IN EXCESS MORTALITY' FOLLOWING LOCKDOWNS, STUDY FINDS - Alex Baird, University of Sydney Liberal Club, Advocates Lots More Experimental Jabs... Oh Dear...

  Sky News Australia, July 12, 2021   'Increase in excess mortality' following lockdowns, study finds: Sky News host Alan Jones says a study has found there was a "decline in the number of excess deaths" prior to the implementation of lockdowns and that "excess mortality increased" immediately following the lockdown. Mr Jones said the study was by scientists from the RAND Corporation and the University of Southern California entitled "The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and policy responses on excess mortality".   "Excess mortality is a term used in epidemiology that refers to the number of deaths from all causes during a crisis, including those attributable to the crisis conditions, that is, locking people up," he said.   "The study found there was a decline in the number of excess deaths prior to the implementation of lockdowns and that excess mortality increased immediately following the lockdown.   "I repeat, excess mortali


Dr Michael Yeadon, former vice president at Pfizer, tells us all about the lie of threatening variants and the need for experimental jabs to combat either them or the original 'virus'.  Our ignorance and fear (much of it engendered by our own government's behavioural psychology arms, with full cooperation by the Big Pharma/Government controlled mainstream media) lay between us and salvation.  And the top-up vaccines? Listen to somebody who is well qualified - and not following the World Economic Forum/WHO/UN agenda (all non-representative bodies, following the Green Mask Great Reset agenda). Listen to somebody who is well qualified and actually CARES about your health.   And then question just what 'your' government and its SAGE clique advisors are actually trying to do to you and your children.

Dr Gary Sidley - Insights Into the Coercive Psychological Tactics Used By The 'UK' Government To Carry Out The Covid Narrative - Interview With Reiner Fuellmich...

English doctor Gary Sidley worked within NHS mental health services for 33 years in a variety of nursing, psychological and managerial roles.  In the 1980s he was employed as a psychiatric nurse at a large asylum in Manchester, commencing his clinical psychology training in 1987.  Subsequently, he worked as a clinical psychologist in community mental health services, inpatient units and GP practices, as well as operating as a professional lead and a member of a Trust’s senior management team. Dr Sidley provides valuable insights into the 'UK' Government's use of psychological manipulation and coercion to enable the 'covid agenda'. The use of these 'tools' against the people the government is supposed to represent are very disturbing. Here, Dr Sidley speaks to the German Coronavirus Committee, including Reiner Fuellmich. Tremendous insights here. Dr Sidley has been making representations to the British Psychological Ethics Committee - and the responses have b

'UK' Parliament: FURIOUS Desmond Swayne EXPLODES at Marxist Sage Scientist Susan Michie Wanting FaceMasks FOREVER - And The 'UK' Government's Curtailment of Freedoms in England...

Desmond Swayne, MP, of the so-called 'UK' Parliament (asymmetric national devolution) seems to be about the only MP doing his job and questioning the nonsensical - and downright evil - actions of the government and its SAGE clique. As he points out, SAGE members have been out doing their best to undermine morale amongst the general public in England and Susan Michie has even been advocating the wearing of face masks FOREVER.  Susan is, of course, a fully paid up member of the UK Communist Party.  Up North, Nicola Sturgeon has been ransacking the public purse and calling in Devi Sridhar to say children should have the experimental jab. SAGE isn't enough - because Nicola clearly believes that the highly exclusive five million or so souls in Scotland deserve the same advice from a different mouthpiece to the vast majority of UK residents - those in the far more ethnically diverse England. You see, on this tiny island we don't need a cohesive approach for this appalling c


A video from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi that puts an end to the Sars-CoV-2 narrative, and thus the rush to vaccinate. Professor Sucharit Bhakdi cites a number of recent articles in his speech. There really is no need for the experimental 'vaccines' and lockdowns. Listen to knowledge, compassion and sense. Take a stand against the narrative, wherever you are.

Elizabeth Hart: Fast-tracked Covid-19 Injections for the World Against a Virus which isn’t a Threat to Most People...

The big puzzles are several. The PCR tests which do not test for covid. The fast tracked experimental vaccines - being foisted on the world population for a 'virus' which isn't a threat to the vast majority of people. The complicit media - with its government pressure and links to Big Pharma. Even the BBC and The Guardian - indebted to Mr Bill Gates. There are more, of course - the lack of analysis of the effects of lockdowns on the health of the public, of course, and the spiralling waiting lists for cancer and heart diagnosis and treatment. And anybody fancy an involuntary Do Not Resuscitate order? The ‘big picture’ of over-vaccination in a multi billion dollar industry, the influence of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organisation, the influence of mainstream media players like Murdoch media (via News Corp Australia and the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute) and now Big Tech has come to a head during the pandemic with fast-tracked experimen

Dr Vernon Coleman - Covid Jab: Deliberately Unprofessional and Reckless

International bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, lists 10 ways in which the roll-out of the covid-19 jab is unscientific, unprofessional and wildly reckless.  For more information about other important matters, please visit

Dr Vernon Coleman Discusses Devi Sridhar: How Many Children Will Die Because of this Woman?

International bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, tells the detailed truth about children being killed by the covid-19 experimental jabs - and attacks Devi Sridhar, a devolved advisor to the government, who misleads the public, and wants children to be be jabbed with an improperly trialled 'vaccine' which only has emergency use authorisation. We have far too many of these government advisors - including SAGE - and when Nicola Sturgeon starts employing her own out of the public purse only for Scotland (five million or so people), then things are getting ridiculous. This is a tiny island, and any true health emergency would have seen devolved health powers being reigned in by the so-called 'UK' Parliament to ensure a cohesive approach. And it is well within their remit to do so. OUT with these 'advisors'. Devi seems to be nothing short of an evil idiot - wanting to jab kids with an untested gene therapy, when they are the very least l

Professor Susan Michie (Not A Medical Doctor), Communist And Member of Bizarre 'UK' Government SAGE Clique, Avoids A Question...

Professor Susan Michie, of course, is part of the rather shadowy - and totally corrupt -  SAGE clique, which is the only source the so-called 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) government listens to regarding the covid scenario.  Doctor Mike Yeadon? Nope. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi? Nope. Dr Vernon Coleman? No - Boris Johnson called him 'nuts' - with no further comment and a refusal both from him - and his SAGE and 'UK' government stooges - to debate him on the subject. Why? Come on, folks - if you're so right, what's to be scared of? There's a load of medical professionals and proper scientists out there desperate to debate you. On mainstream media. Come on, Patrick Vallance! Come on, Chris Whitty! Come on, Sajid Javid! Come on, SAGE! Give us your clear, incisive logic in a healthy debate. What are you scared of? Susan Michie, of course, wants face mask wearing (despite the recent alarming controlled study on children) to be permanent - and social distan

Mark Sexton: Update - 19 July 2021: Save The Children; Save The Future

English ex-police constable Mark Sexton updates us on his thoughts and progress.  This man has done a tremendous amount to challenge the evil covid agenda.  Now the 'UK' Government and its devolved branches are coming for our children and grandchildren with an untested and totally experimental jab of an entirely new type - the jab they've already been trying to force adults to take for months.  We now have a controlled study of the effects mask-wearing have on children. It is hugely detrimental (expect similar in adults, of course). But the 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) government continues completely oblivious, with nonsensical tales of variants and 'following the science'.  What IS the 'science'?  It's the 'science of failed, and frankly too randy to obey his own lockdowns, Neil Ferguson. Computer models from Ferguson have been consistently wrong - HUGELY wrong; it's the 'science' of using an inappropriate test to diagno

Michel Chossudovsky: Lies, Covid, Break Down Of Society, Personal Independence And Health Systems, Lockdowns And So On...

Early in the Covid-19 pandemic Michel Chossudovsky recognized how this was being deliberately engineered to be one of the most devastating crisis in human history. This video is a must-watch. From the WHO to the PCR tests, to the escalating waiting lists for diagnosis/treatment for illnesses like heart disease and cancer... the ruse to being in the Great Reset is painfully transparent.  And what is the involvement of unqualified millionaires in Wall Street and the World Economic Forum, and the corridors and throne rooms of Big Pharma? Why is Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, London, still involved in the creation of woefully inaccurate computer models, designed to terrify? Didn't he resign after he was caught breaking the lockdown HE brought about in England to commit adultery? The predictions of his computer models for years have been nonsense. Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, founder and Director of t

Nina Myskow And Beverley Turner: Nina Knows Best. Even Better Than Dr Michael Yeadon, Dr Sam White, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Kary Mullis... Take A Look At Some Of Her Work...

Nina Myskow, we remember, was a kind of 'b list' 'celeb of the 1980s. She wrote bitchy TV columns in a tabloid newspaper, and cropped up on TV now and then. Fortunately, by then, we had a remote control so we were able to flip channels with ease. We never liked her. She seemed to be a kind of failed attempt at Alexis Carrington, Joan Collins's character in Dynasty , and was not as engaging, not as witty or clever as she thought. And now, on the Jeremy Vine Show , she has attacked a young woman called Beverley Turner. Nina thinks the epidemiologists and doctors and scientists in the WHO/world governments clique know best and that the experimental jabs she has gone sashaying off to have do not keep her safe from the 'covid' virus - even when social distancing is practised. Why have them then, darling? Nina saw her opportunity to attack Beverley in public and win applause from the untested 'vaccine' supporters. Well, Nina, dear, guess what?  Kary Mullis, t

English Doctor Sam White - Suspended For Truth Telling On Social Media. Legal Action Letter To NHS England...

Hat tip to the excellent Andy Wright Talks Really Uncut on Brand New Tube. English doctor Sam White has said much about the covid-19 scenario recently, and has shown himself to be a man of ethics and conscience. So, NHS England suspends him. Typical, eh? The PCR test does not diagnose anything, the jabs are untested... but this must not be heard. Well, the Davos clique and its minions around the world (particularly those in government, the WHO and the UN) don't like it. Dr White is bringing legal action against NHS England for alleged criminal conduct and breach of legal obligations by those leading the covid response. Good luck to him, and our thanks to him for his courage and integrity. His original video is below - announcing his resignation from his GP practice - and the reasons. Required viewing.

Care Home Workers In England - Attempts To Force The Untested Jab Will Result In A Recruitment Crisis...

Care workers don't get paid a lot. And are seldom thought of. Yet they do a great job. And an essential job. But now the 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) government is trying to force care home workers in England to take the untested jabs. You know, the ones with the possible blood clots, heart inflammation, sudden deaths and unknown side effects further down the track. And all for the 'virus' with the over 99% survival rate, the one which people die 'with' usually rather than 'of'. The 'virus' which is diagnosed with the PCR test - which doesn't test for viruses. The one designed by Christian Drosten - a man whose methodology resulted in derision from his peers. The man with the rather shady background academically. This BBC piece is boringly BBC - but it is good to hear the opinion of at least one anti-jab care worker. But the home featured in the video has an 80% take-up of the jab. So, not only a recruitment crisis due to people

Dr Vernon Coleman: These Ten Things Will Happen Next as the Conspirators Tighten the Screw...

  International bestselling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, assesses what has been happening and predicts what is going to happen next.  For more unbiased information about other important matters, please visit

Dr Michael Yeadon - Former Vice President of Pfizer Speaks Out Again - And Sajid Javid Wants To Give You More Untested Jabs...

'There is no unusual health threat in your environment other than your government's lies and your compliance' - Dr Mike Yeadon. The word from your government... despite representations from Mark Sexton and an open letter from the general public to Nadhim Zahawi, vaccine rollout minister, about the dangers of the untested vaccine, the new 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) health secretary has more jabs up his sleeve. Sajid Javid? New face, same murderous agenda. As long as the vast majority remain compliant, the sheer evil (and utter transparency) of the Great Reset plan will continue. Sajid Javid wears face masks - well, at least when the cameras are on him - and fully backs the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, while pretending to be a 'lockdown sceptic'. He's already bleating out the Great Reset mantra 'Build Back Better' - with 24/7 surveillance, insects for dinner, minute apartments in regimented 'smart cities', no property

Food Shortages In England... Didn't 'Conspiracy Theorists' Speak About That Ages Ago?

So, you've worn the mask, you've taken the jabs, you've believed everything the 'UK' government has told you. You've never questioned or explored the issues of inappropriate PCR tests, casedemics, 'with' rather than 'of' covid designations on death certificates, controlled studies on mask-wearing going back decades, and the spiralling NHS waiting list for diagnosis and treatment of things like cancer and heart disease (it now runs into millions).  And when you found yourself reading that food shortages were a part of a sinister long term plan, well, how you laughed. 'Conspiracy theorists', eh? What can you do with them? Well, the food shortages are now becoming reality. Yes, even in England - the only 'UK' country without its own representative parliament. And, no doubt, in Wales too. The 'UK' government has been alerted that its intervention is needed to prevent critical supply chains from failing at an unimaginable and u

Whitney Webb's Testimony: Google's Censorship Of Medical Studies And Investment In Astra Zeneca, 'UK' Government Profiting From Untested Jabs... Cyber Polygon, And More!

Google/Facebook's censoring of controlled medical studies and its investment in Astra Zeneca, the 'UK' Government's investment and profits from the vaccine agenda, the involvement of Oxford University, England... and Cyber Polygon - the latest beloved project of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum - designed to control the world's population online and bring down the financial system. Whitney Webb testifies to Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and the Corona Committee. Startling revelations... Required listening.

Benjamin Goodman - 31 - Death Twelve Hours After Jab. Parents Testify To Reiner Fuellmich, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

Parents of Benjamin Goodman - a thirty-one year old man who had the 'jab' - had immediate headaches in response, then fever and chills, then went into cardiac arrest twelve hours later. Died shortly afterwards. The parents testify to Reiner Fuellmich's Corona Committee, with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Wolfgang Wodarg, who give their professional opinions. RIP Benjamin Goodman.

Piers Corbyn - Fighting The Covid Scenario: Stripping In London...

We've all seen big beefy belly boy Boris Johnson and Green Mask NWO Eco-Carer Carrie Symonds (I wonder what she looks like without the make up and hair dressing?) having a lovely time at the tax payers' expense at the Cornwall nosh-up barbecue, with no social distancing and masks - except for the serfs in attendance. Well, what's good for them is a lot better for us than wearing germy face masks, limiting our oxygen intake, and standing several paces apart so that we can't interact properly. Here's the fastest stripper in London restoring some 'normal' to the London Underground. Not the 'old' normal - just normal. The covid scam is so abnormal it's out of sight. Wake up, people! Thanks to Piers Corbyn for the vid.

What's Up With The Great Reset?

Well, of course, those of us who don't want to be controlled by the 1% could quickly answer the question 'what's up with the Great Reset?' Ah, but, as Klaus Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum, millionaire boys' and gals' club, and unelected beguiler of 'our' politicians, said, covid-19 represents a rare window of opportunity to implement the Great Reset. He's in his 80s, of course, and looks like going on forever. And the Great Reset will greatly benefit him and his super rich ilk. But it will kill millions of us via 'health interventions' - like untested jabs - or the lack of health interventions, like the spiralling NHS waiting lists, and soon place us under heavy surveillance in tiny accommodations in 'smart cities', chipped, tracked and traced with meaningless lives forever. Don't worry. They won't be very long lives. Life expectancy is going to plummet. Klaus does not propose giving up HIS dosh to live in a smart

PANDA On Covid And The Clash Of Ideologies... Even After The Logical Underpinnings Are Removed, The Covid Fear Scenario Goes On... Why?

We covered a PANDA (Pandemics - Data and Analysis) talk on here some time ago. This South African organisation simply takes the words of the WHO, governments, SAGE, etc, and states the true facts. There's no hysteria, no lies - those are left to crooked SAGE-style scientists, politicians, Big Pharma, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the mainstream media. Like the work of so many 'local' organisations, what PANDA is doing has resonance for us all - across the world - in the lockstep covid scenario era. The video covers developments in England, America, and other places. Only by uniting do we stand a chance against this monstrous agenda. Here, Nick Hudson of PANDA covers the question of covid and the clash of ideologies. What underlies this frantic worldwide fear campaign? What underlies the lockstep actions of governments across the world? Why does the mainstream media participate so ferociously in spreading the fear narrative? We've included the first PA