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Matt Hancock And The Jab - 'So Proud To Be British!'

  Matt Hancock was apparently shedding tears on Good Morning Britain today, when interviewed by his old pal Piers Morgan. 'It's been such a tough year!' he said. Yes. You made it so. Amazingly dry cheeks, eh, Matt? I was very nearly sick this morning. I saw Matt Hancock being absolutely thrilled over a disgracefully rushed-through vaccine, supposedly to deal with a 'virus' which kills hardly anybody. People, wake up - look at the mysterious decline of flu deaths, the shunting of the elderly from hospitals to care homes earlier this year, the non-consent Do Not Resuscitate orders, the bizarre 'of' or 'with' covid designations, the 28 day rule, the comorbidities - WAKE UP! Matt Hancock has been onboard with Klaus Schwab's Great Reset/'Fourth Industrial Revolution since at least 2017. He has written about it on his 'UK' Parliament pages. To 'achieve' this dreadful goal, it is necessary to terrify people over 'Climate Change&#