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James Corbett: PANDEMIC! Sound Familiar? But It's 2012...

This time, with the PCR tests and the stats mangling and the trusting/nature of the majority of the world population, things have gone much further... But we needed softening up. Way back in the 1970s, in England, I pondered the RABIES SCARE. Posters of little girls being savaged by ferocious dogs - their jaws dripping rabid saliva... human skulls glaring out at you on posters at the bus stop... The campaign was apparently about not smuggling in pets without quarantining them, but the effect was to make large numbers of people afraid to go out. It amounted to little more than a hill of beans. Meanwhile, America was having its FIRST swine flu pandemic. And, from then on, I wondered at the tactics used... And now we have the changed definition of a pandemic by the WHO, the vaccine industry, the unelected millionaire clique of the WEF, its related non-elected body the UN, and WEF whore politicians across the world - like Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid and Jacinda Ardern. And the 'fourth in

Dr Vernon Coleman: Global Warming: Lies, Fraud and Hypocrisy in Glasgow

  Dr Coleman's websites are being heavily suppressed, please share  and Please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman and Greta's Homework by Zina Cohen Also visit:


    You have been subjected to propaganda and lies by your government.  For those considering getting a top-up vaccine, Dr Michael Yeadon, ex-vice president at Pfizer,  lays out the reasons why the booster vaccines are “a serious attempt at mass depopulation” - and part of a wider campaign of control, obscured by the 'covid' and 'climate change' banners.  The info presented here is critical to your survival. It is illegal for a government to coerce you to accept any medical treatment.  We are heading into a very bad place - in which 'following the science' means exactly the opposite. Essential listening.

No Novel Coronavirus - Dr David Martin Talks With Reiner Fuellmich: The Patent History - Exposing The Fraud

     David Martin lays out the patent history of our "pandemic," exposing the fraud.


    International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, explains why telephone and video consultations in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are grossly inadequate, and why doctors who refuse to face to face consultations are making mistakes and are likely to do serious harm to their patients by missing important diagnoses.


    From CENSORED VOICES, Bitchute: Little by little, bit by bit, the house of cards will crumble and fall..  Thus a lot of people didn't comply.. (not that MSM reported the truth, ever).Well done, amigos! Great news.  Much of the control/Great Reset cobblers depends entirely on complete compliance and no questions or challenges.  Looking at this, when you stand up to it, it all comes tumbling down.  The Government of traitors. Those who have had fines overturned should now sue the government for restricting their freedom of movement. I begged the police to fine me so I could go to court, they didn't.

Dr Vernon Coleman: You'll Be Drinking Granny Soon...

    Dr Vernon Coleman, International bestselling author and retired doctor, explains how they plan to get rid of a billion bodies.


    WARNING: Contains highly distressing footage of animal experimentation. Fascinating video from 'Tim Truth': Join our leading researchers on  to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, Rumble, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon. 

Arrest Fauci: Children In Danger As FDA Corruption Escalates...

    The American FDA is rubber stamping fake information so that the Pfizer 'jab' can be administered to 5-11 year old children. The long term safety trials will be done 'subsequent to roll-out'.  There is no risk to children from this fake virus. If you dissect the statistics and examine the PCR test the whole thing becomes idiotic anyway.  Suffer the little children... Stew Peters, October 25, 2021 The FDA is set to OK Pfizer's Death Shot for KIDS 5-11 Y/O, and Fauci's investments in modern-day communism and genocide are about to pay off, unless it's stopped. #ARRESTFAUCI Stew Peters talks to Dr Jane Ruby.

Anthony Fauci: Beginnings...

    Two thought-provoking videos on the subject of Anthony Fauci - the unelected dictator of America.  Taking us back to the 16th century and back rup to date, Fauci's family background raises many questions.  Fauci was one of the faces of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s.  Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR test in 1983, had a resoundingly negative opinion of Fauci: 'Those guys have got an agenda, which is not what we'd like them to have, given that we pay them to take care of our health...'  He stated that Fauci did not mind going in front of a camera and lying to the people who pay his salary...  Kary Mullis died in 2019 - the year before Christian Drosten came up with his 'covid PCR test' - which the WHO, despite a complete absence of any real science, adopted as the 'gold standard' for detecting the 'virus'...  From AZT to the untested jabs, mask-wearing, lockdowns and 'covid' agenda of today... Why is Fauci still at liberty -

Dr Vernon Coleman: Covid-19 Jab: They Knew Children Would Die

International best-selling author and retired medical doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, has been an acknowledged expert on drugs and vaccines for 50 years.  All the videos Dr Coleman mentions in this video are still available on Brand New Tube and the transcripts are on

Coronation Street? No, Let's Tune Into Vaxxination Street With Media Bear...

    Media Bear - one of our favourite and most highly relevant group of musicians in 2021 - provides a musical interlude.  Vaxxination Street is a nightmare soap opera - with a wildly OTT storyline and horrific over acting and consequences. Highly powerful, rich and psychotic people seek to usher in a terrifying 'New Normal', aided by corrupt, power hungry politicians.  It's a Fourth Industrial Revolution, it's a Great Reset, it's a financial bananza for vaxx manufacturers. It's a beautiful thing for hugely rich people at the World Economic Forum, and its closely associated wings - the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. It's a beautiful thing for WEF groupies like Sajid Javid and Matt Hancock. It's a beautiful thing for power mad politicians like Jacinda Ardern. Angela Merkel and Dan Andrews. It's a beautiful thing for corrupt medical advisors like Chris Whitty and Kerry Chant. It's a beautiful thing for depopulation fans like Bori

Exposing Vaccine Passports - and ties to the World Economic Forum...

The plan is going well. Getting everybody jabbed with improperly trialled 'vaccines' and 'booster shots' and tracking and tracing them with 'Green' or 'Vaccine' passports. And all for a 'virus' proven by an unsuitable test, mangled statistics - and still with an over 99% survival rate.  Not really. The aims, of course, are depopulation and control. Technocracy comes clumping into full view... And still the majority do not awake.  Of course, Del Bigtree believes that it's only America that stands in the way of all this, but, passing over his arrogant jingoism - and ignoring the prime role of the likes of Americans like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in this, and past scams, and the efforts of people united across the world to fight the scamdemic (and also ignoring documents like the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights - and the way they can be shredded to suit agendas - the same as in America) this is still an interesting video:   The Hig

Dr Reiner Fuellmich - How Covid Statistics Are Misreported By Those In Power...

What is a covid death? 'Of' or 'With'? How come sometimes more people die 'of' or 'with' covid than the TOTAL number of people dying at that time? There are lies, damn lies and statistics... Fascinating interview, translated from German into English. A must-watch.

We Will Fight For Your Rights - Strasbourg MEPs - Ignored By The Media...

  BLCKBX, October 22, 2021 "We will fight for your rights" declare 4 MEP in Strasbourg but the media is silent... On 20 October, four MEPs organized a press conference in Strasbourg where they expressed their deep concern about human rights-violating corona measures across Europe. But the media was silent in all languages, because no attention was paid to the hopeful and combative message of these libertarian politicians. "The advancing Green Pass with the restrictions on freedom but also the violent suppression of dissent confirms that the emergency in Europe no longer promotes health but is above all undemocratic," said MEP Francesca Donato. In addition to Donato, the Romanian Cristian Terhes, the Croat Vilibor Sinčić and the German Christine Anderson were present to indicate that it cannot continue like this. Terhes even referred to the communist occupation of Romania, which left deep wounds in the country, but made every Romanian realize that freedom is not '

Truth Booster: Sajid Javid Cannot Give You Your Freedom. You Own It. The Goalposts Keep Moving. Don't Be Fooled...

Joining the dots - Sajid Javid at his spiritual home, the World Economic Forum - home of the Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and much of the climate scare agenda - with its related unelected bodies the United Nations and World Health Organisation. Beastly Bore (or boar) Boris Johnson, who has disparaged the WEF in the past, is taking care of the climate scare tactics very nicely at our end. We all knew that the 'UK' (asymmetric national devolution) health minister and Uncle Fester looky-likey Sajid 'Jabb-it' Javid would be as bad as his predecessor -fellow World Economic Forum whore Matt 'Midazolam Murderer' Hancock (AKA the poisonous chipmunk).  And here is Mr J, after so many complied with the improperly trialled jabs for the 'virus' with the mangled stats, inappropriate test to 'prove' cases, and downright lies, telling you to have ANOTHER improperly trialled jab - a 'booster' - to attain your freedom at Christmas. Wrong,

The Narratives For Digital Control: Covid And Climate Change - The Delingpod Whitney Webb Interview...

Watch the narratives twist and turn - covid and climate change - all to get the vast majority under the kosh of totillatarian rule, complete with digital currency, digital ID, 5G and slave camps - or 'Smart Cities' for the 'useless eaters'. Whitney Webb is a writer and researcher mostly covering intelligence, tech, surveillance and civil liberties.  This content is mirrored. Please support the original creator.  All credit, royalties and sincere thanks to the original source of this video. Whitney Webb | The Delingpod - October 21, 2021.

DEFAMATION BY IMPLICATION: The Associated Press 'Strawmans' Project Veritas

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Dr Wolfgang Wodarg - Full Interview - Planet Lockdown...

planetlockdown, October 18, 2021 In this intimate sit down interview with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, we discuss the broad issue of corruption in the WHO, how we should understand the "pandemic," or lack thereof, and how we must stop this diabolical trend towards a fake medical dystopia that will take over all aspects of our lives.  Dr Wodarg is one of the most honest and thoughtful people we have ever met, has an amazing resumé, and has lived a rich life full of experiences that uniquely qualify him to understand the depth and breadth of the complex situation we find ourselves in. He began his career as a doctor in internal medicine, was unhappy about the focus on making money off people who were sick, so went on to be a public health official in northern Germany - his place of origin. There he made surveys to measure annual flu waves, by having his secretary calling factories, schools and businesses to see if people were at home sick. It wasn't uncommon in a decent flu wave for


Sam Bailey, October 19, 2021 We seek answers from the so-called "authorities" about what defines Covid Misinformation... Also I will blow the lid on the publicly released TVNZ emails leading to my sacking as a TV show presenter. It's unscripted comedy at it's best! References: 1. Kate Hawkesby - Newstalk ZB, 22 June 2021: 2. Misinformation definition: 3. OIA request re: HRC funding: 4. NZ Government - Unite against COVID-19: 5. NZDSOS requesting evidence from the MCNZ: 6. Great Barrington Declaration: 7. Dr Michael Bassett - ‘Sliding i

Dr Vernon Coleman: More Evil From Big Pharma...

Dr Vernon Coleman, international best-selling author and retired medical doctor, analyses another vaccine roll out that has been endorsed by the W.H.O.

CORBETT REPORT - Iain Davis Dissects the Pseudopandemic

Dr Vernon Coleman: More Evidence 'They' Want You Dead

International best-selling author and retired medical doctor Dr Vernon Coleman explains how the Government and the medical establishment conspired to kill millions through a systematic programme of genocide - and how they're planning to make health care even worse, using the myth of global warming as an excuse.


Dr Piers Robinson is an expert on communication, media and world politics, focusing on conflict and war and especially the role of propaganda He is presently Co-Director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, Convenor of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media and Associated Researcher with the Working Group on Propaganda and the 9/11 'War on Terror’ From 2016 – 2019, he was Professor and Chair in Politics, Society and Political Journalism at the University of Sheffield. Dr Robinson has served on the boards of several academic journals. He has lectured at the NATO Defence College in Rome, and briefed senior UK military commanders and diplomats. His Research interests focus on Organised Persuasive Communication and Contemporary Propaganda and his current projects include Propaganda and the Syrian conflict; Propaganda and the 9/11 Global War on Terror and Covid19. Dr Robinson’s books include the Routledge Handbook of Media, Conflict and Security (2016), Pockets of Resis

Fraud - The PCR Test Is Not To Be Trusted...

The motor of the 'pandemic' is the inappropriate PCR test. No PCR - no 'pandemic'. These tests were never recommended by experts in the field, they actually call it fraud. The PCR test is useless for determining an infection, if used over 17 - 20 cycles for a DNA test. It was not designed to be a quantitative test, rather for tracing small bits of DNA, not diagnosis of infection. So in the real world all the case numbers are meaningless nonsense. In the meantime, everyone with a cold or seasonal flu were misdiagnosed, treated with the wrong protocols and subjected to quacks' prognosis - accompanied by dehumanising solo self isolation, over the top mass media fearmongering and Government/big pharma manipulation and malfeasance. Some experts call the use of PCR tests for diagnosis 'treachery'! In the literature of PCR testing, it is known that there are many dangers, such as operational false positives that can lead to misinterpretation of the test results. Fo

Dr Robert Malone on his mRNA creation...

Dr Robert Malone treads gently to avoid banning when possible. He is not an anti-vaxxer, far from it, but, as the inventor of the mRNA technique in the late 1980s, has plenty to say about these particular jabs - and the covid scenario in general. Fascinating interview by Stew Peters here - just over an hour, but SO worth listening to. Listen. If you're going to be a web skimmer - well, that's almost as bad as relying on fact checkers! Listen to the interview - share it as widely as possible - and then read this to discover some of what the knowledgeable, gently spoken and highly reasonable Dr Malone is having to endure in our horrendously corrupt 21st Century:


  Paid crisis actors flooding mainstream media news channels trying to coerce you into getting the jab.

BREAKING: Vanessa Gelman, Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research, RUNS from Veritas' Questions


Is The Supply Chain Being Sabotaged By The Covid Agenda?

Inflation, unavailable products... this video asks the very pertinent question: has the supply chain been sabotaged by the covid agenda of lockdowns, 'stay at home', no work unless jabbed and the World Economic Forum's Great Reset, which lays behind it all?


From Awakening The People: The German virologist Professor Dr. Christian Drosten is THE face of the current corona crisis! For it was Christian Drosten who developed the PCR corona test in January 2020, which from then on served as the standard method for detecting the coronavirus - covid-19 - worldwide...


From Bitchute: English Undertaker John O'Looney is relaying his explosive first-hand knowledge that proves the Covid-Jab is responsible for countless deaths - and that many covid deaths are actually misclassified. Fuellmich's Corona Investigative Committee is providing evidence for international lawyers to use in cases that are taking place around the world. O'Looney's occupation as an undertaker has given him a unique perspective where he was able to see with his own eyes that the government has been lying about this Plandemic from day one. There was never a spike in deaths from Covid-19, what he witnessed was elderly people being murdered at old-age homes and the only increase he saw at his funeral home occurred only after the government rolled out the Genocide-Jab. This is undeniable proof that the 'Frankenshot' is a deliberate War Crime being committed by governments around the world, and a massive global conspiracy to depopulate the human race.

Tim Gielen: Monopoly - Who Owns The World - And Wants To Own Us And The Way We Think?

What do you eat for breakfast? What's your favourite bog roll? What newspapers do you read? What are your favourite search engines and social media platforms? Who provides your telephone service? What TV news service do you follow? What's your favourite snack or chocolate? What charities do you sponsor? What hazards highlighted by 'isms' do you believe threaten us as a society - without question? And where do you gather your views on these 'isms'? Wow, we take our needs from a variety of sources, don't we? A huge variety. Well... er... no, actually. This fascinating video reveals the tiny elite owning the 21st world we live in, controlling what we think, what we say, what we eat, our furnishings, our food, our fears, our beliefs. All roads lead to the super rich. Klaus Schwab says we will never return to the 'old normal' - or simply 'normal' in free think language. He and his ilk will, of course, continue to have the very, very best. The rest


    With so many governments overstepping their powers, the struggle to return to democracy continues. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. India is leading the way with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates in its sights as the country has been waited for the chance to pounce on these particular psychopaths, who have been pushing experimental drugs on the poor for years - doing immeasurable damage. Reiner updates us on the work of the Corona Committee in Germany - now a worldwide network of lawyers and medical experts - he tells us about attempts to infiltrate the organisation, the scam of Drosten and the PCR test, the plandemic, and the motivations behind it. The facts about the so-called covid death rate and deaths post-vaxx are also explained. The system is corrupt and evil beyond measure. Listen to this.

Dr Sam Bailey On Professor Stephen Bustin - The Questionable Side To His Statements Regarding Kary Mullis And The RT PCR Test...

Sam Bailey, October 5, 2021 Please support channel ▶ Leave a tip! ▶ Virus Mania Paperback: Abe (lots of suppliers): US Independent Bookseller Powell's Books: Amazon: Virus Mania E-book: Kindle: Virus Mania in New Zealand: NZers who would like to order the book locally for $65 (incl. shipping) please contact


  Reiner Fuellmich: 'Isn't it incredible that we're dealing with psychopaths?' Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & the Corona Investigative Committee interviews Matthew J.L. Ehret on psychology of Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How the NWO can be Defeated Once More. …

Chris Whitty, Patrick Vallance and Boris Johnson: 'Following The Science...' - But Not Revealing Just WHAT That 'Science' Is...

  Poor, dear Chris got jostled by some good natured lads in a public park. UGH! Poor darling. You want to stay well away from the public, mate. Yep, 'our' leaders 'follow the science'. Dr Vernon Coleman wanted to publicly debate - live - Patrick Vallance, 'UK' Chief Scientific Advisor and English Chief Medical officer Chris Whitty. They refused. Why? If they have the irrefutable science behind the jabs, PCR tests and lockdowns, they should be eager to impart that knowledge and deflate those questioning them. But no. No debate - and they impart nothing but wonky computer models and unfounded fear. And Boris Johnson, who also refused to debate Dr Coleman, described him as 'nuts'. A spot of projection there, eh, Boris? Build Back Better Boris Johnson. Randy old creep with appalling double standards and a bit of Xtinction Rebellion totsie for a wife and incubator of his own population increase. Old tartan gob - Nicola Sturgeon. Marvellously inclusive, so lon

Reiner Fuellmich And Vivian Fischer Interview James Corbett: Thoughts On The Agenda, Jabs, Lockstep Messaging, Brainwashing, The WHO, The WEF, The Mainstream Media And More...

A must watch video. The German Corona Investigative Committee leaders, Reiner Fuellmich and Vivian Fischer, interview James Corbett - deep dive reporter extraordinaire.  What is this all about? Can we defeat the agenda? Can we build an alternative community? Lots of discussion here - fascinating findings and analysis. Please watch.

How Totalitarians Promote Hate: Justin Trudeau's Nonsensical Wittering - 'Misogyny' (But Not Misandry, Of Course), Racism... YOU Have A Problem With These If You Don't Get The Untested Jab...

Fascinating video from Kate Wand - with an emphasis on Justin Trudeau, premier of Canada.  Trudeau trots out the usual NONSENSICAL accusations of ('I throw my own sex under the bus')  misogyny (always a crowd pleaser - but what about misandry, eh, Justin? Who dies younger? Who are the vast majority of workplace deaths? Who receives far higher custodial sentencing? And I could go on), and racism (always a crowd pleaser and a great divider) against those choosing not to be FORCED INTO taking an untested jab for a 'virus' with an over 99% survival rate and 'proven' by an inappropriate test.  In fact, Mr Trudeau insists you have a series of untested jabs to avoid his silly accusations.  Trudeau promotes hatred against those taking the untested-jab 'NO' decision, based on his same old tired, one-sided and trusted chants - which have nothing to do with the issue. Nothing at all. And, in the case of misogyny, have no bearing on any reality at all . One-sided