Australia - Sydney - 1 Death (Man In His Eighties), 111 New 'Cases' Via Inappropriate PCR testing, And Savage Restrictions... This IS NOT Satire...

A RECORD 82,000 inappropriate tests. Yep, they're ramping up the PCR tests! 

111 new 'cases' diagnosed by tests (not illness). 

1 Death (the third in this so-called outbreak) - a man in his eighties. 

Non-essential retail to close. 

Construction sites to close. 

9000,000 residents of Sydney sealed into their own areas - cannot leave, even for work. 

Does this seem like satire to you? No, no - it isn't. NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is bringing in these measures as a 'No Regrets' policy. She's clearly potty. Who's not going to regret it? The vast majority surely will. This is ridiculous.

Gladys Berejiklian, premier, NSW, believes that killing people via restrictions is great. Lost your job? Your home? Your sanity? Your hospital treatment date? No matter! She will have no regrets. Power really corrupts, doesn't it?


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