Robert F Kennedy Junior on Efforts To Discredit The Berlin Rally...

We now live in a world of lies - lies pushed by governments, 'scientists', and the mainstream media. Here, Robert Kennedy talks about efforts to discredit the massive Berlin rally on 29 August.

My only comfort is that, as the majority seem to refuse to awaken, they are getting what they're asking for. The smug complacency of the majority needs undoing - and it's going to be a painful process.

I was first aware that society seemed to be turning towards the smug (or at least much higher levels of smug) in the 1990s. After the departures of Reagan and Thatcher, the polarised atmosphere of the 1980s seemed to evaporate like spit on a griddle (wear a mask, dear!), and has culminated in the current situation - a massive and long-planned attempt to change the world, to make billionaires far richer, and change conditions for the average Joe and Josephine to something unrecognisable.

And terrible.

Contact traced, chipped, vaccinated, subservient.


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