Sajid Javid Gets In A Strop With Kay Burley of Sky News...

Sajid Javid, 'UK' (England only really - asymmetric national devolution) Health Minister, also known as 'Uncle Fester', is the very able NWO supporting replacement for Mad Matt Midazolam Hancock. You remember Matty Lad -the one with the rabid chipmunk face and receding hairline, another fierce devotee of Klaus Schwab.

Here, Sajid loses his temper with Kay Burley of Sky News.

Unfortunately, Kay doesn't ask about deaths 'with' or 'of' covid, and she doesn't ask about the fraudulent use of the PCR test, but it's something.

Sajid is rattled.

The world is waking up - and him throwing his rattle out of his pram as the evil narrative to which he subscribes takes a knocking will not help him at all.

Sajid Javid does his dead-eyed look in the midst of the wonderful luxury of a World Economic Forum Davos bash. Dinner a bit rich, was it, dear?


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