Spotlight On Susan Michie - SAGE - Face Masks Forever!

SAGE is the god of the 'UK' Parliament when it comes to advice on covid. What sort of people are they? Why do so many doctors and scientists disagree with SAGE - and back up their arguments with facts, while SAGE doesn't?

Why does the 'UK' Parliament only take advice from SAGE, which doesn't even know how PCR tests should be used?

Here we have Mahyar Tousi on Susan Michie of SAGE. She is a behavioural scientist and is calling for face masks and social distancing to be permanent.

And she laughs about it.

Why do we need a 'behavioural scientist' on SAGE? What the hell IS a 'behavioural scientist'? Wouldn't somebody like Mike Yeadon be better?

SAGE is far too unaccountable, far too much in the shadows. And contains at least one obvious control freak.

Let's have some proper science, shall we?

'REQUEST DENIED,' came the stern response. No, only joking. This organisation doesn't need to reply. It's totally unaccountable.


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