'UK' Government Dedicates £320 Million To Covid Advertising Until April 2022 - Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock Are Psychopaths...

Hugo Talks Lockdown has just spotted something interesting - and, frankly infuriating - about the highly duplicitous and murderous 'UK' Government. Add it to a very long list! Not only has the odious Dominic Raab come out to say that the extremely unhealthy practise of wearing face masks will continue after June 21st, but Hugo has found, on the government's own website, that they are spending £320,000,000 on a continuing fear/misinformation campaign until April 2022.

This is not stopping - and will not stop - until the people demand it in sufficient numbers - or the likes of Reiner Fuellmich get a fair hearing in court.

It doesn't need to make sense, there does not even have to be a faint veneer of logic about it as long as the majority remain ignorant, afraid and compliant.

Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock exalt at the continued culling of humanity. If this seems melodramatic, then look at the involuntary DNR orders, the shunting of the elderly from hospitals to care homes last year, the continued enforcement of  highly unhealthy and totally non-efficacious mask wearing, the circulation of an untested gene therapy posing as a vaccine, the mangling of statistics to continue the Big Scare, the spiralling waiting lists for NHS treatments - such as cancer diagnosis, and the government's total lack of any concern for the highly dangerous effects of lockdowns on the nation's health. Need I go on?

Here, Dr Vernon Coleman poses the question 'Is Boris Johnson a Psychopath?' Fascinating reading! https://www.vernoncoleman.com/apsychopath.htm


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