PANDA on The Covid Scenario... Lockdowns, Masks, Statistics, Great Reset, WHO, Jabs, Tedros, Fauci...

66 seconds Dutch intro, English with Dutch subs after 

During the first Inaugural BizNews Investment Conference in March 2021, Nick Hudson - co-founder of PANDA (Pandemics - Data & Analytics) gave a presentation about the absurdity and harmfulness of lockdowns. 

PANDA is known for its strong views on policymakers' responses to Covid-19, lockdowns and other measures to stem the spread of the virus. Understandably, the global organization has caused regular commotion over the past year. Actuary Nick Hudson, in particular, has no qualms about telling the world why lockdowns are downright destructive. 

From the studio of CafĂ© Weltschmerz, Erik van der Horst speaks, via a video connection, with Nick Hudson. They discuss the founding of PANDA and the creation of the impressive presentation. 

 “We believed from the beginning that on a number of levels it was wrong to close society and that it was always time to reopen society,” he says. “Very few people are prone to developing serious illnesses. Various treatments are available. Healthy people are not drivers of the epidemic. Lockdowns and masks have always been ruled out by science before Covid - for good reasons. Lockdowns have been tried; they have not worked and they have done great damage. Instead of protecting the vulnerable minority, we hurt them.” 

 After watching the presentation, both men elaborate on the question, "When irrefutable facts, data, and even science are ignored in policy making worldwide, what is really going on?"

Globalist thugs in England - Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty. 

Matt: 'Dear Klaus is so impressed with my work, Chrissy, old boy. And I look so tough. Like one of those chappies out of "The Sweeney".'
Chris: 'I'm a bit nervy about it all - I mean. it's such a crock of obvious BS we're reciting - but when I see Bill Gates's face, it's so worthwhile. How are you getting on with the inco pads?'
Matt: 'Got one on now. Do you think it shows?'


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