Boris Johnson Wants The Entire Planet Jabbed For A 'Virus' With An Over 99% Survival Rate By The End Of 2022

We keep coming back to this point: we are in the midst of a casedemic. The PCR test does not test for the 'virus' - or any 'variant'. And yet here is Boris 'Build Back Better' Johnson, stating that WE ALL - the entire planet - need to be jabbed with an untested gene therapy by the end of 2022.

He's been into the idea of depopulation for donkey's years of course. In fact, at least since Carrie was a teenager. And, I'm sure, long before.

Boris, of course, has just married 'environmentalist' Carrie Symonds - probably a 'useful' - and totally unaccountable - hand on his tiller.

And hey, they've had a baby!

Do as I say, not as I do, eh?

Interesting link to 2007 here -

Boris with his inappropriate Yookay flags and inappropriate 'advice'. Told Nicola Sturgeon that you've taken over the Yookay, have you, Boris? Or is this just more 'UK' Parliament nonsense to cover the facts of asymmetric national devolution?


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